Wedding game "Tale of the Kolobok"

All mothers in childhood tell their children a tale about a bun. A good old fairy tale at any age will bring a lot of joy and fun. The heroes of this tale have fun and the rest of the guests laugh.

Participants: guests.

Props: None.

Rules of the game: select 5 people, and distribute the roles between them. Find out who will be the grandfather, the woman, the bear, the fox, the hare and the bun. The fifth will tell the story - this will be the author.

We start the game. The author tells the famous fairy tale, and the designated heroes should beat the plot at the mention of their person. It will be very interesting when the author, who may be the presenter himself, constantly mentions fairy-tale heroes.

For example, you can start the story like this: a gingerbread man rolled down a wide road, and a wolf runs out to meet him. At this time, the grandfather and the woman are sitting hugging on the doorstep and waiting for the bun ...

And the moral of the tale is this: it is better to have your own children than to constantly wait for the Kolobok to return!