Gadget Wedding Contests


Life does not stand still. And if before, wedding contests were popular, in which fairly simple things were used: balloons, diapers, etc. Now, in the age of high technology, at weddings you can increasingly meet competitions using a projector, radio-controlled cars, smartphones, etc. The portal presents you a couple of wedding competitions using modern gadgets.

Mini Rally

Participants: guests.

Props: radio-controlled cars, chalk, pins, cubes, etc..

2-3 guests are invited to participate in the contest, who will be the first to come to the finish line on a radio-controlled machine. The track for cars is being preliminarily prepared: stripes, start and finish are drawn with chalk. If necessary, put up obstacles that will need to be circled: pins, cubes, etc. Whose machine will come to the finish line first, he won.


Participants: guests.

Props: projector, gamepads, computer game.

Racing on cars can be arranged in a virtual form with the help of computer games. The organization of this competition is quite simple: you should turn on the game on the laptop, where 2-3 people can compete (most often this race on cars or motorbikes), and give the participants gamepads. Whose machine will come to the finish line first, he won.

"The battle with balloons"

Participants: guests.

Props: radio-controlled cars, needles, balloons.

The essence of this competition is that with the help of radio-controlled cars, in front of which needles are attached, it is necessary to burst as many balloons scattered around the hall as possible. Who burst the most balls, then won. To make the counting easier, you can scatter 10 red and blue balls on the floor. Each participant must burst balls of their own color only. If he bursts a ball of a different color, then the score is recorded on his opponent. Those. you must not only temporarily burst balls of your color, but also try not to touch the balls of your opponent.

"Battle Battle"

Participants: guests.

Props: Xbox 360 console with Kinect controller, projector.

Using the Xbox 360 with a Kinect controller, guests can be invited to show their capabilities in various fields: dancing, football, bowling, etc. For a wedding, dance battles will be the most suitable option..

"The fastest"

Participants: guests.

Props: a leaflet with a phone number.

The host writes in advance a telephone number on a large sheet (at least A4), hides the sheet from guests. Then he says that the guests get their mobile phones and on the account 1-2-3 shows the phone number to which they should reach. Who made it first, he won.

Guess the Movie

Participants: guests.

Props: projector, pre-prepared movie fragments.

This competition can be held when guests are sitting at the table. Fragments of romantic films are included on the projector, and guests must guess what kind of movie it is. Whoever does this first receives a prize.

"Love story"

Participants: guests.

Props: phones or cameras of guests.

The host invites 8-10 people to participate and says that the young people did not manage to make a beautiful Love story, so guests should help them in this. Guests need to break into teams and make a mini film about the newlyweds, only they will act as young ones. It is better to do this in another room, then to show the films you shot on the projector. To shoot the video, guests can use the camera or take the video to the phone. The duration of the video should be no more than 5 minutes.

"Best photographer"

Participants: guests.

Props: projector, telephones or guest cameras.

The host at the beginning of the wedding banquet says that a contest will be held, the essence of which is as follows: guests must photograph the whole banquet for the newlyweds. And at the end of the evening, a vote will be held that will reveal the best photographer. Nominations: "The most beautiful photo", "The most touching photo", "The funniest photo", etc. Photos will be displayed on the projector screen. Only one photo is accepted from one participant.

All kinds of gadgets have become part of our lives. So why not use them for wedding competitions? Try to organize competitions with gadgets at the wedding - your guests will be delighted!