Wedding contests for the groom


The bride ransom ceremony is a standard wedding scenario. Thanks to wedding contests for the groom, you can defuse the situation before the registry office, make the wedding more fun and memorable.

Bride ransom preparation with competitions for the groom

Initially, the participants in the ransom must be distributed in two "camps". So, in the first there will be sellers, and in the second - buyers. The sellers will be the girlfriend of the bride, headed by a witness. The second team is led by a witness, and friends of the groom become its participants. Vendors must figure out what the groom should do to get their bride. And buyers should consider what to do in order to spend the minimum amount of money when buying a bride.

Most often, to buy a bride, the groom's friends need to have money, champagne, sweets with them, which they will need to pay for their mistakes. Of course, you should not come up with a large number of wedding competitions for the groom, because in front of him there is still a painting in the registry office, which should not be late. Given all this, our wedding portal is ready to offer you contests that will not only be interesting, but will also help verify the seriousness of the groom’s intentions.

"How well do you know your bride"

Participants: the groom and his retinue.

Props: paper, felt-tip pen.

The bride’s team should make a daisy out of paper, on whose petals write numbers, dates associated with the bride and groom. For example, you can write the number of her apartment, her height, weight, date of acquaintance, etc. Options can be very diverse. The groom must tear off the petal and give answers to the questions posed. In the event that he is mistaken, his friends will have to pay a fine. This competition can be slightly modified and the numbers can be laid out on the steps. The groom must climb the stairs to guess what the dates written on them mean..

"Find out your betrothed"

Participants: the groom and his friends.

Props: piece of paper, lipstick or gloss, watercolor, shoes.

The bridesmaids should invite the groom to guess the lips or palms of her fiancée. For this, the bride and her girlfriends must leave fingerprints of their lips or palms on paper and show this sheet to the bridegroom on the ransom. As an option of this competition: you can put different shoes in front of the groom so that he will guess the shoes of the chosen one. The third option: blindfold the groom and ask him to know his beloved by his hair. To do this, all the girls take turns letting the groom touch their hair. In case of a miss, the witness will have to pay a fine..

"Prove you're a great future husband"

Participants: the groom.

Props: Steps.

This wedding competition for the groom will be most interesting if the bride lives on the 1st floor. In this case, you can entrust the groom, going to his beloved to tell all the guests what household chores he will do after the wedding. Thus, the groom in front of all the guests will tell the bride, as well as her parents, how he will be a good husband and life assistant. If the groom skips the stairs, he should pay a fine..


Participants: the groom.

Props: apple, matches, ribbons.

Bridesmaids must stick matches in an apple. The groom should take out matches one by one and call his beloved affectionate names. The competition ends when the groom pulls a short match.

This wedding competition has its own variations. For example, on the doors of the bride you can hang colorful ribbons. The groom will have to remove each tape, while you need to speak affectionate words to his beloved. In order to see his bride, the groom must name the cherished words, confess her love.

"Find the key"

Participants: the groom.

Props: balls, note paper, needle or pin.

In front of the door of the bride, several balloons are tied, in which they place advance pieces of paper with inscriptions. Papers should be folded so that through the ball the groom could not read what is written on them. On one piece of paper you should write "she is yours", on the rest - the amount of the ransom, which the groom must pay. Groom punctures balls and pays until he finds a ball with a cherished note.

After the groom redeems the bride, young people can go to the registry office and to a banquet, where they will find many more fun and interesting contests.