Competitions for the redemption of the bride


The ransom of the bride is quite an important moment at the wedding, so he needs special preparation. But don't overdo it! It is necessary to select contests for the ransom of the bride at the wedding so that the groom can overcome them. Our website is ready to help you with this..

"What where When? "

Participants: the groom and his retinue.

Props: cards with questions.

On the steps of the flight of stairs, you need to lay out cards on which to write in advance questions about the bride and her family. The essence of this competition is that it must climb the stairs, answering questions. In the event that the groom answers incorrectly or does not know the answer to the question, he will have to pay a fine.


Participants: the groom.

Props: chalk.

Bridesmaids should draw footprints in chalk on the stairs in advance so that it is difficult for the groom to go through them. The groom's task is to overcome the ladder strictly in the wake, he must pay for each slip. Friends of the groom can carry him in their arms so that he falls only with his feet into the drawn tracks. But you should not give such advice in advance - let them guess.

"Beloved's words"

Participants: the groom.

Props: chalk.

On the steps with chalk, it is necessary to write letters. In order to see his future wife, the groom must climb "stairs with obstacles." So, he can only step to the next step if he calls the bride tender words that begin in the letters that are written on the steps.

"Most most…"

Participants: groom, witness.

Props: apple with matches.

The essence of this wedding competition is that the groom must find a short match in an apple with matches. He must pull out the matches one by one. If he draws a long match, he must say kind words to the bride, thereby proving to the girlfriends how much he loves the bride.

"Carrot and stick"

Participants: the groom.

Props: paper flowers in blue and red.

The witness or her assistants must put the prepared requisites on the steps. So, going up the stairs to the groom, stepping on a blue flower, you need to scold her, and praise her for red. In the event that the groom cannot find words to scold his future bride, he must pay a fine.

"For love"

Participants: groom, witness.

Props: hearts with inscriptions (for love, for convenience, for flying).

Hearts need to be laid out on the stairs so that the heart with the inscription for love is farther than the others (at the highest step). The groom, without using the railing, will need to raise his upper heart. In this case, it is forbidden to step on the hearts on which the wrong inscriptions are written. The groom can cope with the task if the witness takes him to the top step.


Participants: the groom.

Props: balloons, pieces of paper.

It is necessary to inflate several balloons, after which it is necessary to place pieces of paper in them. On one of the papers should be written the coveted word - the key. The groom will find a ball in which the necessary word is located. For every wrongly chosen and bursted ball, the groom must pay a fine.

"Your name is precious"

Participants: the groom.

Props: banknotes.

The essence of this competition is that he must lay out the name of the bride with the help of large bills.

Sugar Sponges

Participants: the groom.

Props: a sheet of paper with lip prints.

The groom is shown a sheet of paper with the lip prints of the bride and her girlfriends, among whom he must discover the lips of his beloved.

"Portrait of the bride"

Participants: the groom.

Props: sheet of paper, pencil.

The groom will be asked to close his eyes and draw a portrait of his bride from memory. To cheer the guests at this ransom competition, you can bring an elderly woman to him and say that this is his future wife, judging by his drawing. If the groom does not want to marry this woman, he must pay money.

"And I will find out sweetheart ..."

Participants: the groom.

Props: photos.

Take a picture of a certain part of the bride’s body in advance, for example, a finger on her right hand. Take the same pictures of other people. Print photos and give them to the groom. See how well he knows his lover.

"Head of the family"

Participants: the groom.

Props: hats, caps and other hats.

As you know, the word "head" is formed from the word "head". Therefore, the groom is offered to prove that his head is larger, i.e. he will be in charge in the family. Groom give a large number of different hats. In 1 minute he should put on as many hats as possible, directly one on top of the other.