2020 French wedding manicure - ideas with a picture and without, photo


Despite the variety of types of manicure, all the brides who want to look stylish, stop at the classic jacket. It simultaneously looks gentle, stylish and elegant. This year, French manicure is as relevant as before, but it has acquired some new versions. The bride will be able to choose whether to prefer the classics or make something more original. It is allowed to use bright colors of varnish, which will be combined with such wedding accessories as hairpins, hairpins, brooches, a bouquet.

The rules of perfect french manicure

To make a beautiful French manicure, you must adhere to certain rules:

  • The skin around the nails should be moistened with a special cream, after which the fingers are placed in the steaming bath for several minutes. Hands wiped with a towel.
  • Be sure to use a cuticle remover cream, with a pipette or brush it is applied to the treated area.
  • With a cotton swab, the cuticle which is lagging behind the nail is carefully collected.
  • The inner tip of the nail plate is cleaned, but do not try to get as deep as possible so as not to injure the skin.
  • If desired, the tips of the nails lighten inside.
  • Burrs should be cut with scissors and treated with an antiseptic.
  • To provide shine to the manicure, polish the nail plates with a soft patch of skin or use special polishing gels.
  • If your nails are not perfectly even, they should be sanded with a special tool..
  • After thorough preparation of the nails, they should be covered with a base.
  • Proceed with staining. It is important to observe the sequence: first cover the tips of the plate with white, beige or another color with varnish, then the entire surface with a fixative. Only in this way will you provide the wedding manicure with sufficient strength and shine.
  • Wedding French Manicure Ideas

    An original wedding manicure is the dream of every future bride and groom. On this significant day, the bride wants to look like a beautiful gentle nymph. To bring some zest to her image, it is worth paying attention to such trifles as wedding manicure. Nail art has gained unprecedented popularity and has a huge number of techniques - from the classic French style with three pastel colors of varnishes to sculpting and piercing. Which design to choose - it's up to you.

    Classic white version

    Classic French manicure has remained unchanged from the day it was created: a pink, beige or transparent nail plate with a snow-white line at the tip. French is a natural, but at the same time very elegant and festive version of the nail design, which with its help looks beautiful and well-groomed. And the main advantage of the French wedding manicure was that it masterfully corrects all the imperfections of the nails, while maintaining their natural appearance.

    Classic manicure french for the bride

    Bright nail polish

    You will not surprise anyone by using bright colors for everyday French manicure. However, from now on, colorful shades are used to create a wedding jacket. You just need to choose the right colors that are in harmony with the dress, makeup and accessories. The original look has a combination of a classic base with multi-colored stains. Successful combinations will be lilac with white and silver, blue with gold, beige with red.

    Bright varnishes for a wedding jacket

    French style manicure «Chevron»

    A chevron is a V-shaped detail that is used in heraldry, architecture and other professional fields. In the technique of manicure, he found his expression in an unusual execution. «smiles» (strips on the tip of the nail). In this interpretation, it has the shape of a check mark. This unusual variation of wedding manicure is complemented by sparkles, patterns, rhinestones and other decorative elements. Brides should consider that «Chevron» visually makes nails wider.

    Chevron Nail Coating

    Asymmetric Wedding French

    The difference between the asymmetric jacket and the classic is that white varnish is applied not in the form of a smile, but on the diagonal of the nail. This version of a wedding manicure looks spectacular on large or medium length nails. This design optically narrows the nails of the bride. For the border, you can choose not a classic white, but any other color. The bride has a lot of room for imagination: neon, acid tones, muted or saturated colors.

    Asymmetric Wedding French Design

    French manicure with lace patterns.

    One of the most popular wedding variations of manicure is lace design. Lace embody femininity, tenderness, romance. They can be done in any tone using a thin brush or applique using real lace. For a wedding manicure, you should choose a thin material that the bride can purchase in any fabric salon.

    Wedding french with lace

    With a pattern on one nail of the ring finger

    Many brides in the process of creating a wedding manicure want to focus on the ring finger, because he will later wear a wedding ring. Therefore, a pattern is often applied to the nail plate of this finger. The white color is considered to be the traditional color for painting, however, the bride and groom can experiment and choose other shades. The motifs for the wedding painting will be flowers, hearts, rings, initials of the beloved and other cute drawings.

    Drawing on the nail of the ring finger of the bride

    French decorated with rhinestones and sparkles

    Using shining rhinestones when creating a wedding manicure is a successful solution that will make the image of the bride even more attractive, festive. However, it is worth considering that decorative elements (crystals, beads, rhinestones) should not be too bulky - measure them with your nails. Do not oversaturate the wedding jacket with decorations, otherwise it will lose its elegance and grace.

    Rhinestones and sequins for decorating nails

    With Nail Piercings

    Another original kind of decor is piercing - a small puncture of the tip of the nail plate. A small ring adorned with pebble, crystals or engraving is threaded into the hole made. Many brides will find this design of the French manicure ambiguous, but some will definitely like this idea. Please note that the piercing will last longer if done on an acrylic (artificial) nail.

    Wedding French Manicure Piercing

    French manicure drawings

    A wedding jacket with a picture is a great opportunity to bring something original to the image of the bride. Unusual French manicure will delight guests and delight the newlywed's eye. Modern trends provide the opportunity to boldly combine colorful shades with a variety of decorations. A wedding jacket with a pattern contributes to the disclosure of the individuality of the bride, while retaining the sophistication inherent in French manicure.

    The indisputable advantage of the art jacket is its free design. The French-style wedding manicure departs from the accepted canons, allowing not only the synthesis of bright colors, but also the addition of design with beautiful painting. Nothing limits the bride’s imagination when creating a wedding manicure. If you want - combine white with black or red, or you can use three or more colors at once.

    Drawings at the wedding jacket

    The technique of creating a wedding French manicure

    To make a wedding jacket, you need to stock up with white and translucent pink varnishes, a means for fixing and removing the coating, a brush with a short bristle or a cotton swab. To achieve the expected result, it is important to follow the sequence:

  • Coat the edge of the nail plate with white varnish, wait for it to dry and apply on «a smile» second layer.
  • Using a brush or a cotton swab soaked in acetone, wipe off any excess varnish from the skin of your fingers if you go beyond the borders of the nail.
  • Gently apply a pink coating on top of the free area of ​​the plate. Try not to go white.
  • It remains only to use the finish fixer, which guarantees long-term safety of the coating.
  • French manicure technique

    French wedding manicure

    Despite the widespread stereotype that French manicures oblige you to follow strict rules, this is not at all true. It gives girls enormous freedom: your nails can look completely different. With the help of various decorative elements, the jacket can become a masterpiece. Crystals, ribbons, sequins, chains and lace - all this can be used to decorate a classic jacket, then it certainly will not seem boring or primitive. Choose the type of French manicure that will be a successful addition to your wedding look.

    Photo of french manicures for the bride for the wedding 2015

    Fashion changes every season, but most brides from different parts of the world continue to give preference to French manicure. This is not only a universal type of design that looks appropriate with any clothes, but also a true embodiment of femininity, tenderness and sophistication. Wedding french from everyday differs only in that it can contain richer decorative elements and can be done in a free style. Look at the selection of photos and make sure that the jacket is not out of trend.

    Varieties of Wedding French