Wedding hairstyles without veils - for short, medium and long hair, photos and videos


In order for the wedding to be held at the highest level, the newlyweds have to solve many problems. But the most important thing is the bride’s dress and wedding hairstyle, the choice of which should be given the maximum amount of time. There are many options for styling hair under a veil, but modern girls increasingly prefer wedding hairstyles without a veil. They provide ample opportunity to create absolutely any style and harmonious embodiment of any bride’s favorite image..

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

A wedding hairstyle depends on many factors, for example, on:

  • dresses of the bride;
  • accessories;
  • time of year;
  • fashion trends;
  • taste of a girl.

But the main thing is that the bride would like the styling, be securely fixed and harmoniously fit into the image of the bride and groom. A classic look without a veil is the most relevant wedding style to date, usually including raised curls that can be bundled, various knots or simply decorated with a diadem. Feminine romantic style is also loved by young girls: in a hairstyle without a veil, as a rule, there are usually curls of the same size, gently framing the face. They can be completely dissolved or partially assembled..

Romantic curls without a veil for a wedding

The folklore style of hairstyles for a wedding without a veil is also gaining popularity. Since the focus is on the ethnic side of the bride, there are a lot of styling options. For example, it can be braids with various weaving and the use of various accessories - flowers, lace, ribbons, braid, embroidery or other thematic elements related to the style of the wedding.

Folk style wedding hairstyle without veil

Extravagant brides prefer hairstyles without a veil in retro style, which involves a minimum of any jewelry in the hair. Retro styling is ideal for owners of short haircuts in the style of the 20s or 30s of the last century. Hair is laid in waves, and a hoop is put on top. There is another option - they cover the styling not with a veil, but with a net that is attached along the entire front surface of the head. The retro style of the 60s wedding hairstyles has some kind of infantilism - short bangs and ponytails that fit with the same children's accessories.

Hairstyle for short hair in retro style

For girls who do not like restrictions, the avant-garde style offers asymmetrical hairstyles for weddings without a veil. It is allowed to use unusual accessories, for example, tree branches, wire, feathers, dry marine plants. We suggest you watch in the video several options for hairstyles without veils, decorated with a variety of accessories:

For short hair with a diadem

When creating a harmonious image of the bride, it is necessary to take into account the length of the hair. For example, a short haircut can be decorated with all kinds of accessories - artificial or natural flowers, bows, pearls, a rim or a diadem. With a diadem, simply stunning hairstyles for a wedding without a veil are created, it looks especially beautiful with a classic white dress of the bride.

A spectacular diadem will add charm to any image, but nevertheless, in the process of creating a hairstyle, it is better to take into account some subtleties:

  • The diadem is a self-sufficient decoration, therefore it does not tolerate the presence of other decorative elements. In order not to look tasteless at your own wedding, do not overdo it with jewelry, abandon rhinestones, ribbons and hairpins.
  • Be sure to discuss with your hairdresser the technique of creating a hairstyle without a veil. An experienced master before the wedding will try several different styles to choose the one that suits the bride and groom the most..
  • Carefully consider how you will mount the diadem on your head. It must be securely fixed, otherwise it will fly off during the day or bend to one side at the wedding ceremony. If a comb diadem is selected, then this problem is easily solved, but the rim diadem will have to be additionally fixed with studs and invisible.
  • The diadem will make the bride a real princess

    On medium hair with ribbons

    Hairstyles for a wedding without a veil with ribbons have been popular for several seasons in a row. This is due to the convenience, beauty and simplicity of the hairstyle, especially for medium-length hair. Such a hairstyle makes the bride very feminine and incredibly beautiful. Laying with tape can be varied:

    • braid;
    • Greek style;
    • a bunch;
    • curls.

    Tapes for this purpose are sold in a wide range:

    • thin;
    • corrugated;
    • direct;
    • wide;
    • satin;
    • silk.

    Often, girls tie a regular bow out of ribbons, which, despite its simplicity, looks very elegant and feminine at a wedding. For example, a delicate silk ribbon will go well with a dress in the Greek style. It is fixed on the bride’s head in the form of a rim, and medium-length hair is curled, loose or beautifully cut without a veil. A ribbon woven into a braid or bundle looks gorgeous.

    Brides with dark hair should prefer a white or cream ribbon, and owners of light curls are well-suited for colored lace ribbons with flowers or sparkles. The technique for performing such styling is simple, so any girl at home can make a wedding hairstyle with a ribbon and will look great. Having bought only one cute ribbon, the newlywed will be able to try a lot of different options and create a unique image for her own wedding.

    Wedding hairstyle with ribbon: inexpensive beauty

    On long hair with flowers

    More and more often, brides instead of veils choose wedding hairstyles with flowers. An absolute favorite of weddings is a flower wreath or individual buds of beautiful, bohemian, touching and chic flowers. However, when choosing a floral arrangement for a wedding hairstyle, you also need to adhere to some rules:

  • Small or medium buds should be chosen so that the bride's head does not turn into a flower bed. Do not weave too much green in the strands for the same reason.
  • Be sure to consider the shades of flowers so that they not only blend perfectly with the dress, bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere, but also harmoniously shade the bride’s hair. What will look gorgeous on a blonde, not necessarily go to a brunette or a red-haired girl.
  • Do not be afraid of bright colors, but keep harmony in shades. Scarlet roses are ideal - they go well with a white wedding dress. But if the dress or other attributes of the bride are bright shades, then flowers in the hair are better to choose a neutral color.
  • Choose buds that can retain their pristine appearance for a long time. And if the flowers are artificial - order them in advance, and do not forget about hairpins, invisible and other elements with which you will attach them to the hair.
  • Flowers in the hair of the bride and groom look exquisite

    Options hairstyles without veils with bangs

    Brides with bangs should preferably take their wedding look seriously: you need to choose it carefully, based on the shape of the face. It should be borne in mind that girls with curvaceous forms do not go too short bangs, and thin ones should not make thick bangs. Bangs are not suitable for a round face, it is better to leave curled long strands around it. But if you really want to, the owner of a round face should make an ultra-short bang.

    Brides with an oval face shape are very lucky, because absolutely any bangs are suitable for them, but for a rectangular or triangular shape it is better to choose an elongated oblique bang. A classic straight bang will look great on owners of an elongated face shape, and long, if combined with loose long curls, will be ideal for creating such a fashionable wedding style like Greek.

    Bangs add tenderness to the wedding look

    No bangs

    If the girl has an even and beautiful forehead, then do not cover it with bangs. No need to hide your virtues, even for the sake of the latest fashion, so as not to spoil the wedding image. A burning brunette will face her hair combed back, in which white lilies are woven. Blondes can curl curls to curl a fluffy ghoul, decorating it with a beautiful hairpin or a string of river pearls, and owners of red curls can do a comb from the forehead to give the image a little eccentricity.

    Owners of long braids are ideally suited for smooth curls without bangs, decorated with a crown, diadem or large beads. Such styling will look very elegant. And if you want to create a romantic style, it is better to use complex weaving that starts from the forehead, framing the face. Braids are decorated with natural or artificial flowers, ribbons, hairpins..

    Wedding styling for owners of a beautiful forehead

    Workshop on creating hairstyles without veils

    If a veil is not an obligatory wedding attribute for you, then with the help of our detailed instructions you can easily make your own hairstyle for a wedding. To do this, you will need:

    • hair dryer;
    • curling tongs;
    • Invisibility
    • styling mousse;
    • fixing varnish;
    • shine.

    Such a hairstyle will look great without a veil on medium or long hair. This is a fashionable styling for old Hollywood, which will suit a classic or romantic wedding look. So, we proceed:

  • Dry your hair washed with shampoo and balsam with a towel until it remains moist by only 20%, and then apply mousse.
  • Finally dry the strands with a round brush and a hairdryer, and wind them with curling tongs along the entire length, fixing each hairpin.d617f80536403f2a5c6379b129b15b9c.jpg? 697
  • When the hair has completely cooled, remove the hairpins, lean your head back, spread the curls with your fingers.b25c09b2bfa30e633a707d36ab09a490.jpg? 623
  • To give the desired shape, gently comb the curls with a brush.7345f250d6e0fe093908ae3265f2d834.jpg? 906
  • Cover your curls with glitter and enjoy admiring the wonderful wedding hairstyle that you easily built yourself.2589283e3eac2a0508f43356ed1bc240.jpg? 547
  • The proposed option is basic, to which it is easy to add different wedding accessories: hairpins, ribbons, diadem, beads or flowers.