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The wedding ceremony provides a lot of trouble for the newly made bride. The choice of the appropriate image does not occupy the last place in the organization of the wedding, and the hairstyle plays an important role in the image of the future wife. Owners of short hair are incredibly lucky, because they have a large selection of elegant wedding styles. Wedding hairstyles for short hair should be in harmony with the outfit. What hairstyle do the bride choose for her wedding?

Wedding hairstyles for short hair

Do not forget that a short haircut completely exposes the bride’s neck and shoulders. Any hairdresser will tell you that without decorations the styling will turn out boring, so you should take care not only about choosing the right hairstyle, but also about accessories that will complement it. Consider which styling is appropriate for your decoration..

With diadem

The diadem allows the bride to feel like a real princess. In addition, thanks to this accessory it is possible to experiment. A wedding hairstyle with a diadem for short hair should create a romantic image for the wedding ceremony. It is worth curling lush curls, securing the diadem, and you will look spectacular at the celebration. Optionally, curled hair can be fixed with a clip on the crown, only after that, decorate the head with a diadem.

It is advisable to decorate the hair decorated with a diadem with rhinestones and beads. Then you will definitely impress the guests. The image will be not only romantic, but also original.

Wedding hairstyles with diadem and flowers

With flowers

Modern trends suggest decorating the strand with artificial or real flowers. But first you need to decide which styling will go well with the colors. So, girls with a haircut «square» fit, in which curls are laid on one side. To keep it well, use nail polish to fix it. The second option is light curls, which are created using large diameter curlers.

To decorate strands, both artificial and natural flowers are used. If you want to use artificial flowers, choose jewelry that imitates decorative flowers - hairpins, elastic bands, hoops. Also, fresh flowers are used to decorate the hair, among which roses, chrysanthemums, orchids, lilies of the valley are distinguished. It is important that the flowers are in harmony with the dress, the bride’s bouquet.

With a rim

Wedding hairstyles with a rim for short hair do not lose their relevance for the past season. A decorative rim will be a great solution if you are going to make a Greek hairstyle. Also, without this accessory you can not do when creating high styling, bunches, fleece. The rim supports the collected strands well and brings a twist to the image. Choose a decoration of delicate pastel shades that will be appropriate at the wedding.

No veil

Every year, the popularity of a veil as an accessory decreases, because other decorations come in its place: veils, hats, headbands, tiaras. Although many brides refuse any head accessories in favor of fashionable styling. Bride hairstyle without a veil in case of a short haircut should emphasize sophisticated facial features, open the neck, shoulders of the bride.

Wedding Hair Jewelry

Consider which styling will look good without a veil with other accessories:

  • Classical - provides an even, smooth styling without decorations, accessories. To create it, use an iron, gel to fix styling.
  • Volumetric curls from short strands look much more spectacular than from long strands. Using a flat comb, make a straight part, and curl the hair with a curling iron. It is advisable to decorate the curls with beads and rhinestones.
  • Bouffant will hide the thinness and soreness of the hair. To create it, divide the hair into two horizontal partings. Comb the upper part from the inside, fix the resulting bunch with varnish and hairpins.

As we can see, using a veil is completely optional. If you wish, you can do without her and create a chic look.

Hairstyle for very short hair

Owners of a short haircut should not worry about the hairstyle, because if you put the locks beautifully, you get an elegant look. Using a curling iron, create light waves: for this, apply mousse to the hair, take a curling iron with a thick nozzle and wind the strands one by one. Spray the resulting styling with varnish. Also a popular trend remains «wet hair effect»: this styling is optimal for very short hair.

Photo: Hairstyles for the bride for short hair

Kare with a veil

If you have a square, consider adding a veil to your look. This accessory adds charm and mystery to the bride. A straight line of the square will emphasize the beautiful features of the face. Wedding hairstyles with a veil for short hair are made using curling irons, varnish. Straighten the strands along the entire length from the roots to the ends with a curling iron. Spray the styling with resistant varnish so that the hair does not lose shape. The veil should be secured to the top with hairpins and invisible hairpins..

With a bang

Thanks to a short haircut with bangs, I manage to experiment while creating hairstyles for the bride, but much depends on the length of the bangs. So, if it has not yet grown and completely covers the forehead, it should be leveled with an iron and fixed with varnish so that it does not fray. If the bangs take about 2/3 of the face, then a good option would be to create light curls from it. It is also convenient to make voluminous bouffets from long bangs that will attract the attention of others.

No bangs

Haircuts without bangs are considered more preferable for a wedding ceremony, because they do not cover the bride's forehead. Therefore, the facial features seem fresh, and such a haircut makes the bride herself more youthful. In addition, the lack of bangs does not create restrictions on the choice of hairstyles for the bride. If you don’t have a bang, voluminous curls, openwork braids, high styling will suit you - all that your soul desires! Decorate the resulting hairstyle with rhinestones, beads, ribbons.

Short haircuts with long bangs for the bride

Long bangs combined with short locks create a truly gorgeous look. Such haircuts are suitable for almost all types of faces. Therefore, if you are thinking about cutting your hair before the wedding, we offer you successful short haircuts with a long bang for the bride:

  • «Bean»: for wedding styling, it is preferable to cut a multilayer bean, which provides many «torn» strands. Then from short strands it will be possible to do anything - curl, straighten, make a high hairstyle.
  • Caret goes well with long bangs. Especially such a haircut suits brunettes with brown eyes. A neat square is ideal for creating lush, voluminous curls. Also, straightened strands decorated with various decorative elements are considered to be successful styling..

Rack for a wedding

  • «Pixy» It belongs to the category of extremely short haircuts. This haircut is suitable for curling strands in small curls or light waves. Also «Pixy» goes well with accessories - veil, veil, diadem and others.

With short haircuts, you will look irresistible in all wedding photos and videos, and your friends will envy the magnificent image.

Options for beautiful styling for short hair

Wedding hairstyles for charming brides with short hair should match the chosen image. There are many varieties of formal hairstyles for the bride, so the bride and groom will have plenty to choose from. Let's consider styling suitable for the wedding and step-by-step instructions for creating them..

Watch the video showing the different types of hairstyles for short hair:

Retro style

Short haircuts are perfect for creating retro hairstyles.. «Shell» became fashionable back in the 60s of the last century, but it is still popular both among owners of long hair and among short-haired girls. How to do «Shell», The following instruction will prompt:

  • Comb your hair back, leaving two strands along the right and left sides..
  • Rub the hair mousse into the hair and dry it with a hairdryer. Separate your hair horizontally.
  • From the inside of the upper part of the hair, comb with a flat comb. It will turn out small «hump», which must be fixed with a beautiful hairpin in the back of the head.
  • Spray your hairstyle with varnish for a strong hold..
  • It is desirable to supplement the retro style with a beautiful flower or an elegant veil, then the newlywed will look not only romantic, but also stylish.

    Greek hairstyle

    The hairstyle in the Greek style is successfully performed from short strands. She looks appropriate on the occasion of the wedding ceremony. You must choose a cute bezel for such a hairstyle - and a memorable image is provided for you!

    Consider a step-by-step instruction for a Greek hairstyle for short hair:

  • Carefully comb your hair, dividing it into a straight part. Put on the pre-made bezel.
  • Next, curl the hair lying behind the rim. To do this, use curlers with a diameter of not less than 4 cm. The result will be large curls, but the front of the head will be covered with smooth hair.
  • To prevent the styling from breaking apart, use strong fixation means, and fasten the bezel itself with studs.
  • Greek hairstyle is a great way to emphasize the whiteness and elegance of shoulders, neck.

    With false hair

    During my own wedding I want to feel like a princess, but a short haircut sometimes interferes with this. Then false hair comes to the rescue, which are capable of «lengthen» your hair. Their color should be chosen suitable for their locks, otherwise the hair will look ridiculous. Brides with short hair also use hairpieces: they are designed to give the missing volume to the strands, for example, when creating a pile or «Shells».

    Photo of hairstyles for short hair with a veil

    Veil of medium length

    Veil-veil for the bride

    Bridal Veil

    Wedding hairstyles for the bride for short hair are quickly selected if you study fashion trends and get acquainted with the variety of hairstyles for the bride. It is no secret that the right styling will create a successful wedding look and give a good mood!

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