Passion aromatherapy

The world of odors is very powerful, it can not only calm, but also give crazy passion, excite and excite even the most not piercing heart. You only need to know the recipe for passionate aromatherapy.

From time immemorial, our ancestors used various means in order to act on another person, whether for medical purposes, or in order to rekindle a wild passion. Ancestors knew how strong odors are..

The very first and notorious “exciting” remedy is spicy herb - celery. Back in the days of the French king Louis XV, the Marquise de Pompadour, the lady famous for her love games, and also the favorite of the king himself regularly used hot chocolate with celery greens.

It should also be noted that in many countries, among numerous wedding traditions, there is a custom on the wedding night to hang a bunch of green celery over the newlyweds bed, thus trying to enhance the passion of young.

Next on the list of passionate aromatherapy is spicy grass - galangal, in science it is referred to as - upright cinquefoil. According to village healers, the regular use of which works better than the notorious "Viagra".

Quite well-known and common in the regions of China is the golden root of ginseng. According to Chinese doctors, the use of tea from crushed dried ginseng root with impurities of certain herbs will not allow fading of passion and sexual desire.

In addition to herbs, hard moldy cheeses are potent aphrodisiacs. There is an opinion that men prefer more piquant and spicy varieties, women, in turn, are sweet and soft. The use of cheeses as aphrodisia is especially common in Georgia. It is in those parts of the world that cheese with such a strong exciting smell is made that some women catch it and lose consciousness.

Smells are incredible when it comes to sexual relationships. Passionate aromatherapy here is the lady of the holiday. Our sense of smell is a fundamental factor in sensuality. The more natural smells of women are pheromones, which have a very exciting effect on men. It is the amount of pheromones contained in the female sweat that determines the degree of individual sexual attractiveness of each woman.

For scientists, pheromones are still a mystery, nor they are perfumers can not fully solve this unique phenomenon. That is why perfumers so far in their practice use the essential oils of flowers and plants, which at least somehow can be compared with natural pheromones.

In some African tribes, women use an aromatic substance, ambergris, to enhance passion. Having completed the procedure of smoking - passionate aromatherapy, they are preparing to spend a night of love.

European women have access to more traditional remedies - essential oils. Which also have a small number of elements affecting the body. With their help, you can relax, calm down, and at the same time, essential oils can increase sensuality, give strength, vitality and passion..

Passionate aromatherapy is the science of creating an erotic atmosphere, an atmosphere of passion. To create such an atmosphere is not difficult, especially since at present there is a huge number of aromatic candles, sticks, pyramids, essential oils. When washing bedding, air conditioners containing essential oils with exciting odors are increasingly being used. You can also use aromatic pillows for cabinets, which will give things a special pleasant smell.

But the best part is the use of essential oils in the bathroom. A few drops of oil with a favorite smell will help you relax and will be enveloped in an exciting trail. Of course, everything is necessary in moderation, too much concentration can only do harm. It is best to use one type of oil, or a pre-made composition in which several notes of aromas are harmoniously combined.

Essential oils that inflame passion:

  • bergamot - helps to increase sexual desire;
  • jasmine - Give the room a touch of luxury and intimacy;
  • ylang-ylang - promotes the development of sexual activity;
  • neroli - Refreshes and encourages you to take the first step;
  • rose flower - will give notes of tenderness and bliss.