Wedding arch decoration: find a creative solution!


A wedding ceremony is a luxurious and sophisticated way to connect your hearts! It is inconceivable without a wedding arch - the main decorative element of an exit wedding celebration. With the help of a beautiful wedding arch, you elegantly invite guests to join your wedding ceremony, plunge them into a festive and solemn atmosphere. The main thing is to choose a suitable decor for her!

The wedding will become the main backdrop for the photo shoot, whether it be photographs in the process of painting or staged photographs with guests. Against the background of a beautifully designed arch, the photos will turn out colorful and spectacular.

wedding arch

The style and decoration of the wedding arch usually repeats the overall decor of the celebration. Don't you like these rules? Do you want something unusual? The wedding portal wants to share with you all kinds of design options for this element of wedding decor. From classic to creative, so you find what you are looking for!

Arch decoration with flowers

You can decorate the arch with flowers. For this, you can use both live and artificial flowers (including those made of fabric). Floral arches are ideal for exit registration in a classic style. It always looks elegant and elegant, especially if the flowers in the arch are in harmony with other floral arrangements used to decorate the wedding (bouquets on tables, decorating chairs, etc.).

Arch decoration with flowers

Fabric upholstery

Drapery with fabric is a beautiful and at the same time practical option for decorating the arch. Developing in the wind, light matter looks simply amazing. The color of the fabric is best to choose in the range that is most suitable for the style of the wedding or season. So for the summer you can choose a green or yellow fabric, in the fall purple and golden colors will look more advantageous.

Decoration arch fabric

Wedding arch decoration with ribbons

To decorate the arch for the wedding, you can use satin ribbons of various colors: from pastel to bright. The main thing is that their color fits the overall style of your celebration.

Glass wedding decoration

Unusually and funny, various glass objects playfully shimmering in the sun will look in the decor of the arch. For example, you can use beads strung on a thread.

Decor of a wedding arch with glass beads

Also on the arch you can hang glass candlesticks or a small chandelier. In the evening, when it gets dark, they will create amazing lighting..

Decoration of the arch with candlesticks

Creating an arch from natural materials: vines, branches, etc..

You can not come up with heavy iron structures, but use what nature itself has created: decorate the arch with a natural vine and weave individual flowers or floral arrangements into it. Lovers of natural materials can also prefer an arch made of tree branches with ribbons and flowers woven into them. And you can even use a beautifully curved tree stem as a wedding arch, skillfully decorating it with lace, ribbons or flowers.

Original wedding arch

Unusual arch decor options

The wedding arch can be designed differently depending on the style of your wedding celebration. For example, if you decide to organize a bicycle wedding, then in the design of the arch you can use small bicycles or even wheels. For an eco-wedding, natural materials in the design of the arch are suitable: twigs, flowers, etc. How do you like the ice arch? Impossible to look away!

Ice wedding arch

As you can see, there are many design options for the wedding arch. The wedding portal is confident that you will find the perfect option for your celebration. And everything at your wedding will look harmonious, elegant and luxurious.!