Light wedding decor: from idea to implementation


Carefully thought-out lighting will help to create a romantic and solemn atmosphere at the wedding, so you should think over all the details regarding the lighting of the celebration in advance. We offer you 15 stylish ideas for modern wedding decor..


Candles of all stripes and types are a classic attribute of a wedding. Simple, spectacular, budget and romantic. Candles can complement the basic lighting of a wedding party or be the only lighting at some stages of the celebration (the first dance of the newlyweds, the removal of the cake or the final word of the newlyweds).

Candles for wedding lighting
Table decoration with candles and flowers
Candlelight Wedding
Wedding lighting exclusively by candles

Candle holders

For more interesting effects, think about what you will place the candles at, the website insists. Perhaps you have many candlesticks in the same style, which you will arrange throughout the hall. Or maybe you can decorate the wedding with floating candle arrangements or hang the candles on chains or ribbons.

Candlesticks as an accessory at a wedding
Floating candles for lighting a wedding party
Hanging candle holders for wedding decoration


A candelabrum is a somewhat artsy accessory that will not suit every wedding. Nevertheless, at luxurious celebrations or weddings in the style of the Victorian era, the candelabrum will be a wonderful decoration of the hall, photo zone and lounge.

Candelabra for wedding decoration
Candelabra for wedding lighting

All kinds of garlands

In fact, a garland is a combination of light bulbs with interesting candlesticks. Pick up the original forms of garlands (flowers, balls, angels, etc.) or make garlands yourself from vines, bundles, etc..

Garlands as a wedding accessory
Hanging Garlands for Wedding Lighting
Garlands for lighting a wedding
Wedding garlands

Lights and lamps

Vintage lamps and lanterns will create a special flavor at the wedding. They look very impressive and are ideal for fabulous and historical weddings. The only problem is that it’s difficult to pick up a large number of identical lamps. On the other hand, you can use several types of lights for decorating banquet tables, photo zones and lounge.

Lights for wedding decoration
Wedding Lights
Original lamps for wedding lighting
A variety of lamps for decorating a wedding
Lantern in a wedding decor
Lantern for decorating a wedding party

Original fixtures

If you can afford it, pay attention to ready-made intricate chandeliers. For example, it can be complex volume accessories combining garlands and natural materials..

Original chandeliers for the decor of the lounge area

Position the light correctly

You can play with the arrangement of candles or candlesticks. For example, highlight the road to the banquet hall, mark the boundaries of the dance floor, lay out words or highlight Candy bar.

A candlelit road at a wedding
Romantic wedding lighting

Tree decoration

If the wedding is held in the fresh air, be sure to consider the decor of trees and bushes. A great option is to decorate the trees in bulk with small garlands of light bulbs or a net garland. You can highlight both the trunk and branches.

Illumination of trees at a wedding
Illumination of trees as lighting at a wedding

Lamp balls

Recently, weddings have become popular balloons-lamps. During the day they allow you to complement the color decor of the celebration. In the evening they serve as a source of light. They are good for banquet halls and dance floors..

Balloons for wedding
Balloons for wedding lighting

Color backlight

Why not highlight the lounge or special parts of the banquet with the selected shades of celebration? It is modern, relatively budget and spectacular.

Backlight as a wedding decoration


If you want more originality and symbolism, pick up projectors with which you can create inscriptions with the help of light. And then - it's up to the imagination: what to write on the floor during the first dance, what inscriptions «let» on walls during contests or toasts, etc..

The projection of the inscriptions on the wedding
Lettering projection for wedding decoration

Glowing background

Numerous light bulbs in garlands or LEDs will create a whole background of luminous dots. They will look beautiful both in the decor of the hall, and in the decoration of the photo zone and lounge.

Wedding background with lamp garlands
Original wedding lighting

Various accessories

Pick up original candle holders or interestingly decorated candle holders. The wedding portal offers you many workshops on making such accessories with your own hands (sparkling cans, candlesticks made of wood or thread, etc.).

Original lamps for a wedding
Interesting DIY wedding lights

Glowing letters

Modern technologies offer special accessories - letters with LEDs. They are suitable for decorating a banquet and venue for a photo shoot. You can make a similar accessory from wood, aluminum and even paper using candles or LEDs.

Letters with LEDs for decorating a wedding
Luminous letters for wedding decoration

Sky lanterns

Imagine that you are a Rapunzel from a famous cartoon. Launch many sky lanterns at the end of the evening and make the most secret wish.

Sky lights for wedding lights
Sky lights at the wedding

Working with lighting at a wedding is a responsible and exciting activity. It will make the celebration truly unforgettable and luxurious.!