Wedding dresses for full brides

How easy and simple it is to choose a dream dress for slim girls and how difficult it is for brides to choose a beautiful dress with a figure that does not fit into the digital standards 90-60-90! All this happens because, in general, the assortment of wedding salons is designed for averaged "statistical data", and designers prefer to work with dress models for slim girls. But harmony is a broad concept, and first of all, the criterion of proportionality is fundamental here. How to choose wedding dresses for a full and no less beautiful figure?

Before we proceed to consider the most suitable models of wedding dresses that will decorate the full figure, we will warn the brides about this. When you come to the salon and the consultant is trying to find a dress for you, it is very important that it is designed specifically for your size. Many models include a corset and lacing, which can be loosened and therefore suitable for grasping the waist at 65 centimeters, and 73, for example. But the model will look great in the first case, in the second, to put it mildly, not very. And it can be very difficult to see your reflection from the back and correctly evaluate the type of dress, for this reason the first tip: choose expensive or inexpensive wedding dresses of your size for fitting.

For full, but proportional figures, corset dresses are suitable with the condition that the corset will properly support the line of the chest, not constrain it and at the same time give a beautiful look to the waist. Skirts can be multi-layered, but not very lush: the extra volume of the figure and its weighting with loops is useless. Wedding dresses with a corset look amazing, in which the skirt consists of free-lying fabric, forming large beautiful folds.

One of the main advantages of a full figure is a beautifully shaped chest, which requires an appropriate frame. The bodice should be exactly sized, not to constrain you. If your choice fell on a model with completely open shoulders, without sleeves, then its addition with a decorative shawl would be very successful, unlike long and tight gloves, which unfavorably emphasize the fullness of open shoulders. A shawl or a beautiful cape is very suitable for full girls, moreover, they are very comfortable and beautiful. By the way, a professional photographer will certainly beat the cloak by making original shots, for example, when the bride and groom are holding wedding glasses or other interesting shots in the open air. The cape can be removed indoors.

Very carefully, try on short wedding dresses or dresses with a partially raised hem, the exception is if you have very beautiful and slender legs. Basically, your length is up to the floor or three quarters (provided that high-heeled shoes are chosen).

We advise you, dear girls, to consider choosing not only a white wedding dress, but to try on various color options. You can pay attention not only to the shades of the primary colors, but also to their combination with white. Currently, the dark top of a dress or corset and a white skirt are very relevant..

And finally, advice to those girls who are desperate to find the dress of their dreams and are ready to buy any that will fit in size. You must have a choice! Look for those wedding salons that are ready to offer you a variety of options. You buy not just a wedding dress, but your mood, your beauty and your memory, which will remain forever not only in the frames of the wedding film and photos of the album, but also in your hearts.