Wedding manicure 2020


One of the most exciting days of every girl is her wedding day. She is the queen of this ball, a gentle, beautiful and sophisticated bride. Delightfully beautiful dress, brilliant accessories, delicate bouquet, fashionable hairstyle, makeup - all these are the invariable attributes of every bride. And a delicate image is complemented by an exquisite wedding manicure, which harmoniously combines with an outfit and accessories. Wedding manicure 2016 is presented by various novelties, which will be discussed now.

Wedding Manicure Ideas

The girl's hands on her wedding day are constantly in sight. Therefore, manicure should be impeccable. Since the wedding dress is usually white or beige, the base varnish is usually selected in pastel colors. Beauty salons present many different options for a wedding manicure. This is true at any time of the year. What novelties are presented by masters of manicure in 2016?

Color options

Nail shape

The first thing you should pay attention to is the length of the nails and their shape. The form can be varied, it all depends on the preferences of the bride. But a popular trend this year is the oval shape of medium length. A lace pattern looks exquisite on them. Pay attention to the photo..

Oval shape

The shape of the nails also remains fashionable. «shoulder blade».

Spade shape

And for girls who are always used to being in the spotlight, the amygdala is just perfect.

Almond shape


The right design is the key to success. In most cases, the color of nail art is selected to match the skin color of the girl. For fair skin, pastel tones and shades that emphasize the naturalness, beauty of the bride herself and her outfit are suitable. And if the bride has dark skin, then choose copper or orange shades of varnish.

This year's novelty is nail polish in silver or golden color. It looks attractive, interesting, and also attracts admiring glances of guests..

Silver or golden colors


The classic french-style manicure remains relevant. This is one of the most common options, skillfully complemented by craftsmen with various patterns, rhinestones, beads.

Usually, for the style of the French, specialists choose the natural tones of varnishes. But the image will become even more attractive if you add a twist to it. Wedding manicure 2016 offers such an option as a fan french. This is the same French manicure, only the edges are applied not in white, but in bright, for example, red, purple, etc. If the bride’s bouquet or her outfit has a bright accent, this decor will look spectacular in combination with a painted fingernail in this bright Colour.

Wedding manicure with decor

Gel polish

Having appeared recently, gel polishes have become one of the latest innovations in manicure art. This high-quality product has a strengthening effect, it can give nails a healthy and natural look. Before applying it, you do not need to file the nail plate. The nails are simply treated with a dehydrator, and then the gel polish itself is applied. Professionals use this varnish to achieve even better results. Gel polishes have a diverse palette of colors, bright shine and hold on the surface for a long time.

gel polish as a decoration


Also, professionals use shellac to cover. It is similar to gel polish and, thanks to the components that are included in it, the manicure is kept in perfect condition for a month. It does not show scratches, other damage, and they will not allow you to spoil your mood even during the honeymoon.

Voluminous nail art

For extended nails, voluminous nail art or decorative modeling is ideal. Nail art will also look good on regular nails, both short and long. Its only drawback is its fragility. Decor elements quickly crack, leaving the picture unfinished.

Tip: it is better to make such a manicure option on the eve of the wedding, a day or two before the celebration.

Voluminous nail art

With rhinestones

In nail art, it’s important to use jewelry. They look especially impressive on the ring finger, where the bride’s wedding ring flaunts. Sparkles, stones or rhinestones may be suitable as such decorative elements. Rhinestones look gentle and neat. They do not burden the nail plate, giving the manicure a special charm. Make sure by looking at the photos below..

Aquarium manicure

Aquarium manicure is used for a wedding celebration. He holds on for a long time, in perfect harmony with the bride’s wedding attire. Examples of such a manicure are shown in the photo..

Aquarium manicure

Short Nail Manicure

It is a mistake to think that wedding nail art looks spectacular only on long nails. Skillfully made manicure will look advantageous on a short length. The main rule remains their grooming. On short nails you can make any pattern by decorating them with various decorations. Sometimes the nail plates are pre-strengthened with acrylic, which makes the manicure durable.

Wedding manicure for short nails

The cost of a wedding manicure

The price range of wedding manicure 2016 can vary greatly. Its cost depends, first of all, on the length and the selected pattern. The cost is also influenced by which jewelry the master will use for design. But usually the prices in beauty salons are high. Therefore, if you want to save on a wedding manicure, do it yourself at home.

It is possible and reasonable. Before applying the base varnish, you should prepare the nails, make special baths, remove the cuticle, and only then apply the varnish. If you want to use nail art, do not forget, it must be combined with all the details of your image..

Useful Tips

Wedding manicure is not only a beautiful design, but also well-groomed hands. So start the preparation in advance.

  • Take hot baths for several days and apply a nourishing cream to give your skin a silky feel..
  • Better do a manicure 2-3 days before the celebration, so that, if necessary, there is time to adjust it. The same applies to extended nails.
  • Do not forget that the tone of the varnish should be combined with the color of your skin, and the decor elements with accessories and attire.

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