Wedding Anniversary Greetings


Wedding anniversary is the day when once again you are given the opportunity to congratulate those who over the years have been able to preserve their love. On our website we have collected wonderful congratulations on our wedding anniversary, which will give spouses a charge of positive and good mood.

1 year - chintz wedding

Everyone in the soul has wounds that do not heal for a long time. I want to wish you that your chintz wedding will become a material that will cover all your wounds, revitalize and give strength to new goals and aspirations in life together!

2 years - paper wedding

A few years ago you created your small world, since then you live in peace and harmony. Over the years, you have become one, complementing each other in everything and supporting. And I want to wish you not to stop at this stage, to go further, contrary to all obstacles, continue to build your happiness and not for a moment think about whether you are doing the right thing!

3 years - leather wedding

On this happiest and brightest day of your life, on the day of your wedding anniversary, I want to wish you inexhaustible faith in each other! Let all household and material problems not get in your way! Let your house always be filled only with mutual understanding, unquenchable love and unlimited happiness! May your love become stronger, more reliable and stronger every day! I wish you that your hearts always beat in one rhythm so that each of you always knew about the experiences and feelings of the other! I wish you to support and love each other, in spite of any vicissitudes of fate! You are made for each other! I wish you happiness and sincere love!

4 years - linen wedding

Congratulating you on your wedding anniversary - 4 years together. I want to say a lot of words about your sincere and lasting alliance. As you know, 4 years is a silk wedding. And your marriage, like real silk, surprises with its lace and patterns, fascinates with beauty and attracts with its softness. For several years now you have been building your castle with such grace and art, so congratulating you on your wedding anniversary, I want to wish your wife to remain as tender, beautiful and graceful as silk. And her husband often hugged and protected her with his warm and gentle hands. Be happy, live many, many more happy years together, looking into each other's eyes and rejoicing that you are together!

5 years - a wooden wedding

We congratulate you on the anniversary date of your wedding. Each anniversary is a big celebration, because on this day your family was born. On this day the union of your hearts was solemnly sealed with signatures. We know you as a happy married couple who lived a long life in love and harmony, as wonderful, rich in heart and soul, amazing people. Despite all the hardships that you had to endure in this life, you survived, maintained love, youth and loyalty to each other! We wish you to remain the same cheerful optimists for many more years! Let your home always be warm from smiles and kind words. Health, prosperity, happiness, and, of course, love!

6 years - cast-iron wedding

As you know, 6 years is a cast-iron wedding. Cast iron - the material is durable and reliable, like your married couple. Every day you become more experienced and wiser, and your relationship is better and stronger. Do not stop there, value each other, take care, love and respect. May all bad weather be knee-deep to you, and you strive to celebrate your golden wedding in many, many years!

7 years - a copper wedding

It seems that just recently you just put your signature in the registry office, and today you are already celebrating the wedding anniversary - 7 years! 7 years is a copper wedding. Copper is a voiced metal, let it ring to the whole world, telling people about your long, lasting and clean relationship. Moreover, the number seven has magical properties and symbolizes stamina, strength and the possession of all the benefits. May today this number become your symbol and protect your young family from all bad weather and troubles, so that all the dreams bypass your home. So that every day you live in prosperity, protecting each other, so that they are inseparable. Please accept my congratulations - be happy!

8 years - tin wedding

Happy 8th anniversary of your wonderful family! We wish your relationship tin strength, steel resistance and metal strength! We hope to celebrate your next anniversaries in the same warm and friendly atmosphere! I wish you happiness!

9 years - earthenware wedding

Today you are celebrating a wonderful date - 9 years! The people call the 9th wedding anniversary not only faience, but also chamomile. After all, chamomile is a flower of love. No wonder it is on daisies that young brides are fortunetelling at their betrothed. Chamomile represents youth, youth, joy, all summer memories are associated with chamomiles. Let your relations always differ in young passion, warmth, tenderness and care. Soon you will celebrate the anniversary - 10 years. But without the previous nine, the tenth year cannot come! So don’t stop! Move forward! You will find all the most interesting, alluring and unforgettable! Protect your soul mate, value your strong union!

10 years - tin wedding

Today, on this wonderful day, our beloved spouses celebrate their first ten-year anniversary of living together. This wedding anniversary is called not only tin, but also pink! So your marriage resembles a chic and elegant rose, in which the husband is a strong and reliable stalk, and the wife is eye-catching, beautiful bud. Tin is the most flexible metal that personifies your relationship. After all, over the past 10 years you have learned to live, understanding, listening and supporting each other in everything. I hope that today we are not celebrating your last anniversary, because such a wonderful family still has many plans for life that need to be realized! Be happy and appreciate what you have created over these many years.!

15 years - crystal wedding

You have lived 15 years of marriage and today are celebrating your crystal wedding. Crystal is pure material, like your relationship, devoid of grievances and troubles, filled with sincere love. Many people think that crystal is easy to break, but you are setting the opposite example. Crystal, if handled gently and affectionately, will last a long time and you will delight the eye with its beauty and sparkle. Take care of everything that you have created and do not stop at this stage. Move on with enthusiasm, determination and hope!

20 years - porcelain wedding

On this day there is a good reason to put on the table the most expensive service that you only have, because you are celebrating such a wonderful holiday - a porcelain wedding! You have lived together for 20 years - this is not a short time. All the time, every day, every minute you learned to listen and understand your soul mate. Step by step, brick by brick you built your relationship. And now they can be compared with porcelain - a unique material that symbolizes purity. Although it is fragile enough, you are ready to prove that if you treat it carefully, it will last a long time and become an adornment of your home. Ahead of you is a long way to a golden wedding, and we have no doubt that you will do it without much effort, because the hardest is over. Congratulations, dear spouses, let your family be like a bird soaring in a cloudless sky, not encountering obstacles in its path!

25 years - a silver wedding

We congratulate you that for many years now you have been saving your family, cherishing it and protecting it. May every year it grows stronger, does not crack, and remains your safe haven in this vast world! be happy!

30 years - pearl wedding

You are celebrating a wonderful date today - 30 years of marriage. And your symbol - pearl - a gem embodying purity and fertility. You lived 30 happy years together, gave life to your children, brought up real personalities in them, and now you have the most precious grandchildren who are grateful to you for the care and affection that was given to them. After all, you are the best grandfather and grandmother! And your life is just beginning, there is still a huge number of new roads ahead that are worth going, every minute is worth filling with new impressions and moments. Let the pearl be your symbol of good luck, believe in it! And, most importantly, remember that you have us! In any difficult situation we are ready to help, and in any joy - rejoice with you!

35 years old - coral wedding

The symbol of the holiday today is coral. After all, you, our dear, have lived 35 years of marriage. You are our example of an ideal family. You are our example of a lasting and happy marriage. Your union is as beautiful as coral, it is as reliable and calm as the waves of the ocean. For many years you raised wonderful children and grandchildren, and today they present you with their congratulations on the day of your wedding anniversary. There are many more interesting moments ahead of you! Now it is your time to live for yourself, to please your souls, to enjoy each other's company. Appreciate your soul mate, love and support in difficult situations! Do not forget about us, at any moment we are ready to support you and provide assistance! We love you!

50 years - golden wedding

The most durable marriages are in heaven. And for every anniversary, an angel to give the family a rose - chintz, paper, live, glass, porcelain. Today, an angel gave this family a golden rose! Let us wish to live together for many, many years, without knowing troubles and hassle! With a golden wedding!

Choose wedding greetings that match your wishes. Good luck in a bright performance at the gala evening and a joyful mood on this occasion.!