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Whatever the wedding anniversary, the first or the fiftieth, is still a special event for the spouses. On this day, they are ready to share their joy and invaluable experience in family life. Do not forget to prepare sincere congratulations on your wedding anniversary, and our wedding site will help you find the right and right words.

1 year - chintz wedding

A year ago, “I” and “you” ceased to exist for you, and a solid “we” was born. And although your family is still young, it is already sealed with a strong bond of love and happiness. Be happy, live in love, harmony and understanding! Stay always the same loving and loyal to each other!

2 years - paper wedding

Today you celebrate two years of family life - a paper wedding. If your love were fake, then marriage would fall apart just as easily as paper tears. But you managed to keep your love and respect for each other in the most difficult - the first years of life together! We congratulate you on a paper wedding and wish to remain faithful and loyal to each other until the golden wedding.!

3 years - leather wedding

By the sound of these glasses I want to congratulate our dear newlyweds on their jubilee, today we are happy to celebrate a leather wedding! I think that for three years of living together they knew each other very well, managed to quarrel and make peace a thousand times, but as they say: "Dear ones, they just amuse themselves." So let us wish these wonderful spouses to live another year in peace and joy, so that success and success are frequent guests in their home!

4 years - linen wedding

You have been together for four years now. The people call this anniversary linen, by analogy with such a clean, light and light material, like linen. Let your married life be the same! Love, happiness, wisdom and quiet family happiness!

5 years - a wooden wedding

Five years of marriage is a wooden wedding. I think that over the years you managed to break firewood, but only so that the fire of love kindled by you burns as brightly as it did five years ago. Let’s drink for this fire of loving hearts, and let the ash of five years ago fertilize the earth in order to grow a beautiful rose on it for the next anniversary!

6 years - cast-iron wedding

Six years ago you connected each other by marriage. This path was not easy, but you were able to overcome all the obstacles encountered on it, not to lose love and loyalty in the back streets of everyday life. Holding hands, you met joy and sorrow together. You were able to save in your hearts a tender and reverent attitude towards each other. You were a support and support for each other and you never forgot that you are a family! Today, we are pleased to wish you to go along with confidence as confidently as possible, may you please every day, and your wishes come true!

7 years - a copper wedding

Dear (names of spouses)! Today I am very pleased to congratulate you on the seven-year wedding anniversary! Now you are on the copper step of the pyramid called "family life", but you can rise even higher! During the seven years spent together, you have learned a lot: love and tenderness, support and help, mercy and forgiveness. You have learned to find compromises in the solutions of many difficult tasks, you have been able to achieve spiritual and physical harmony, and you also learned the basics of the most important specialty - to be parents! We can say that you are prepared enough for the further journey to the top of the pyramid. And most importantly, for all this time you have not forgotten how to please each other with pleasant words, affectionate looks and gentle touches. It remains to wish you to always be the same family for each other as now.

8 years - tin wedding

Dear spouses, we are very pleased to congratulate you on your anniversary. Today marks the 8th anniversary of your family! These years you have worked hard, daily solving many difficult tasks. You have passed the strength test. Having experienced many difficulties, troubles, misunderstandings, quarrels and insults, you still have not stopped loving and respecting each other, you have maintained tenderness and awe in your relationship. And despite the fact that your family is young enough, over these 8 years you were able to prove to the whole world that with every passing year your love only gets stronger! The birth of a child who grows up smart, obedient and healthy in you has not become a bone of contention, and this once again proves the strength of your family ties. We are proud of you!

9 years - earthenware wedding

What can I say about the earthenware wedding? The fact that this date is celebrated on the ninth year of marriage and that faience makes wonderful ceramic products that are not only beautiful, but also expensive. I want to raise a glass for your family, which over the years has become truly valuable to you, for the subtlety of your feelings that can notice the slightest changes in the mood of your beloved, for love and respect for each other, which helped to live in peace and harmony all of these years! For you!

10 years - tin wedding

You probably know about the Italian tradition, throwing away old and useless things for the new year. I suggest that the spouses adopt this custom, and today, as well as with each subsequent anniversary, throw away from their hearts all the insults, quarrels and misunderstandings that have accumulated over the past ten years of marriage. By doing this, you will free up so much space in your hearts that you fill with tenderness and love, care and support, trust and fidelity to live happily ever after for many more years! For your great, real family happiness!

11 years - steel wedding

As the Steel Was Tempered? Fire of love and endurance in the furnace of desires! With this anniversary, your family has become so strong that no explosion can break it. That’s why I want to raise a glass! Despite the fact that you have lived together for eleven years, you still remain as young, beautiful, kind. You conquered time, you carried your feelings through it. I am pleased to look into your eyes, sparkling with love and tenderness for each other, and if I did not know you, I would say that you just got married! For a love that can beat time!

12 years - nickel wedding

Dear spouses, today marks the 12th anniversary of your wedding! This may not be an anniversary, but I am pleased to note that with each year you live together, you are becoming better and better! Your family has grown for another year and has acquired new facets and shades. In your relationship increased worldly wisdom and endless tenderness. With all my heart I wish you still a year to go through life, holding hands, to love and protect each other. So that none of you fall into the pit of anxiety and resentment - hold each other tight! Live and enjoy life together!

13 years - lace (lily of the valley) wedding

In the confusion of days, we stop believing in miracles, but in vain, because from this miracles do not become smaller, we just stop noticing them. Lace is a miracle created by human hands. But in itself, it can work miracles: it creates comfort in the house, warms the soul, brings joy and good mood when you look at it. Today we are gathered here to celebrate another miracle - the lace anniversary of the wedding of this family, who lived together for thirteen years. This is a miracle, dear newlyweds, you also did it yourself, gently and lovingly weaved the lace of your happiness, such an air and shining with the rays of true love! We wish you to always see miracles, sometimes even in everyday things!

14 years old - agate wedding

14 years ago, you married, becoming one. Your family has become even stronger by playing with the faces of a beautiful stone - agate. So let your house continue to be filled with comfort and warmth, and feelings flare up every day with renewed vigor. Happiness, understanding and love! Live in peace and harmony for many, many years!

15 years - glass (crystal) wedding

You gave yourself to each other without a trace, learned to understand each other from a half look and a halfword, by gestures and intonation of a voice. Undoubtedly, this is the most wonderful period in marriage, when husband and wife became one team, and did not forget how to “love” it? You have passed the test of strength! And by the clink of crystal glasses we once again wish you happiness!

20 years - porcelain wedding

Fragile porcelain is a symbol of your wedding anniversary, but your feelings that you carried through 20 years are unshakable. You have not lost tenderness and devotion to each other, and so keep your love, protect it from quarrels and unnecessary insults. We heartily congratulate you, wish you good luck, health and prosperity.!

25 years - a silver wedding

Today your wedding is married in silver. You have a wonderful anniversary - 25 years of living together, filled with a variety of moments! You grieved together, shared the joy of each other together. You have become one, so let your love and tenderness fill your home with joy, warmth and comfort. May it always have good weather and children's laughter.

30 years - pearl wedding

For 30 years you have grown in your souls a pearl necklace of your family. And now it began to sparkle with all its facets, sparkling from your smiles and the gleam of happy eyes. Your union is an indivisible whole, which is already impossible to split. Perhaps you know the secret of family happiness. Or maybe it’s all just a matter of boundless love and readiness to accept and understand your beloved person as he really is. I wish you happiness and good luck in everything!

35 years old - coral wedding

Today we want to congratulate you on your anniversary - a coral wedding. You have been together for thirty-five years! Your marriage can be compared with well-aged wine, it is strong, and at the same time has a wonderful taste and wonderful rich color. We heartily congratulate you on this date and look forward to an invitation to a velvet wedding!

Remember that it is very nice to receive congratulations on the wedding anniversary, it does not matter which wedding anniversary the spouses celebrate: chintz or gold!