Wedding hairstyles with straight bangs and veil: photo options


In anticipation of the wedding, each bride begins to carefully think out a festive image: choose a dress, accessories, makeup and hairstyle. Direct bangs in this case may well become an original accent, giving styling an exquisite «zest». I would like to note right away that you should cut your hair before the solemn event in advance so that the haircut has time to grow a little and form. The variety of styling offered by modern stylists opens up an endless field of choice for brides.

Wedding hairstyles with a straight bang

Straight bangs wedding styling

A straight bang haircut involves a careful selection of a suitable ceremonial styling. To find the perfect option, it is necessary to take into account the shape and structural features of the bride’s face, whether accessories such as a veil, voluminous hairpins, headbands, etc. Below are some simple recommendations, the observance of which will help to create a spectacular finished image.

  • Do not cut straight hair near the forehead immediately before the celebration. As a rule, they turn out shorter than we would like. Experts recommend going to the hairdresser about 2-3 weeks before the wedding. If the hair turns out to be short, during this time they will have time to grow to the length you need. If by the day of the wedding event they are too long, the stylist who will conjure over the bride will be able to slightly correct them.
  • Many girls who wear straight bangs in everyday life express a desire for a wedding to comb it to the side. To do this, a few days before the festive event, put it in the necessary position so that the hair in the forehead becomes more obedient.
  • Choose a styling with a professional stylist who can make a trial version of it.
  • A haircut should be in perfect harmony with the dress, accessories, make-up, so you should carefully approach the elaboration of the whole wedding image as a whole.
  • Modern craftsmen offer a wide variety of spectacular elegant haircuts for straight haircuts and curly curls. If you competently approach the choice of formal styling, take into account the peculiarity of the face shape, the given style and other components of the festive image, this detail of the haircut can play a key role in the appearance of the bride, become an original stylish touch.

    Classic hairstyle shell

    Classic seashell on brides

    High styling for girls

    Elegantly pulled back hair, stabbed into a shell, looks great with thick bangs. This is a classic version, which is usually complemented by a pile on the back of the head. A strict and original hairstyle will be a wonderful choice for a spectacular look, make it refined, sophisticated. In addition, it will help visually lengthen the face, which is especially necessary if the bride has round cheeks. For greater effect, you can dissolve several strands in the face.

    Collected curls in the back

    Straight bangs and gathered back curls for a wedding

    Feminine curls falling on fragile shoulders are ideal for the bride. Curling straight hair costs the lucky owner of a long luxurious head of hair. This option will look gentle, elegant. Loose hair will complement a charming feminine image, make it more spectacular, bright, memorable. In addition, the option with curls gathered from behind is ideal if the bride wants to decorate herself with a lush veil. The stylist will fix the accessory with the help of invisible.

    Greek braid hairstyle

    Greek braid with bangs

    Volumetric Greek braid is a popular styling these days, which is often done specifically for celebrations. This option is ideal for a bride with straight, thick hair below her shoulders. The bride’s head is decorated with beads, rhinestones, satin ribbons, hairpins in the form of delicate flowers and other original decorative accessories. Such a volumetric braid will look fresh and original.

    Hairstyle bun

    Wedding hairstyle with bun and straight bangs

    Another interesting holiday option is straight hair neatly pulled back, gathered in a strict bun. This versatile styling is ideal for both everyday and wedding look. To make it more festive and elegant, you need to add some bright details: a stylish hair clip, a headband with flowers, a tiara or, for example, a hair clip with a lush fabric bow.

    Photos of wedding hairstyles with straight bangs 2015

    A festive hairstyle with a straight bang always looks fashionable and fresh. This type of haircut is not for everyone, however, if you are lucky, for whom this is an ideal part of a haircut, you can safely experiment with styling. At a wedding celebration, the hair should look perfect, be smooth and well-groomed. This part of the haircut can perfectly harmonize with loose or assembled curls, braids and other options. In addition, it does not hurt to complement the look with a traditional wedding accessory - a veil.

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