Fresh flowers for a wedding hairstyle


Flower in hair

Nothing can compare with the charm of natural flowers, as their beauty is created by nature itself. It is difficult to find a more suitable decoration for the bride’s wedding hairstyle. Very often there are fears that the flowers in the hair will not "survive" until the end of the wedding day. Your fears are in vain, flowers are specially prepared for this honorable mission - to complement the bride's hairstyle. It is just necessary to order a decoration from fresh flowers from professionals, and it will add to you romance and femininity, charms and charm. It is necessary to select flowers for a wedding hairstyle with special care, there are several rules in this regard. Listen to them.

Shades and sizes

Do not succumb to the catchy beauty of large flowers and do not choose them as an element of hairstyle. Sometimes it looks funny.

When choosing charming small flowers, do not overdo their number. Abundance in this case is appropriate on the flower bed, and not when performing a wedding hairstyle.

When choosing shades of colors, hair color is taken into account primarily. What will look on brunettes may not always suit blondes. After all, the decoration should be noticeable, but not "scream".

The principle of choosing the color "the bride should be in all white" is hopelessly outdated.

Therefore, in your hairstyle there may be small but bright flower buds. Or maybe a red rose, if it harmoniously combines and complements the rest of the outfit.

Ordering and manufacturing

Not all flowers can be used when doing a wedding hairstyle. Some cannot stand even a few minutes, despite the efforts of the florist, and some easily retain their fresh appearance for long hours. Given this fact, you should ask a specialist about their capabilities, and not demand: "These are the flowers!"

In order that there would not be any overlays, an order for the manufacture of jewelry from fresh flowers must be made in advance. After all, the freshness of this decoration is the main condition, and the salon must have time to order the necessary material exactly on the wedding day, make and deliver it to you.

The bride’s bouquet, wedding decoration and the overall style of the holiday should be in harmony with the decoration in your hair. When doing a wedding hairstyle, you need to consider this. You don’t want to look like a bride who accidentally got to someone else’s ceremony. For this simple reason, we advise you to order everything from one florist, in a salon with a good reputation, and not in the flower pavilion at a neighboring stop. Only an experienced florist, with impeccable taste and the necessary knowledge, will be able to select and make floral decorations for your holiday.

The floral material from which the decoration will be made should be ordered with a margin, since creating a hairstyle is, nevertheless, creativity. It will be a shame if the hairdresser does not have enough of any element necessary to give a complete look when performing a wedding hairstyle.

Before a visit to a florist, wedding stylist, etc. decide which hairstyles you like, which ones can be done on your hair, what floral decorations you would like. If only a veil will be decorated with natural flowers, then it will have to be given to the florist on the eve of the wedding, he will correctly fix all the elements of the decoration.


After the wedding day has come to an end, carefully remove the composition of fresh flowers, lower it for a while in water. After, wrap it in wet paper, put it in a plastic bag and in this form on the lower shelf of the refrigerator it will retain its freshness. You can decorate her hairstyle again on the second day of the wedding.