Honeymoon to Greece


Trips to Greece combine medieval romance, the charm of nature, a modern approach to comfort and the warmth of the locals. Picturesque Greek places sow in the soul of the newlyweds sprouts of strong love, filling their feelings with their powerful energy. A honeymoon to Greece remains a vivid memory for a lifetime. Rest after a wedding day combines the enjoyment of the atmosphere of a seaside resort, historical excursions and mountain adventures. A bright, intense, romantic trip - perfect for a honeymoon!

How to arrange a honeymoon in Greece

The easiest way to organize travel for young spouses to Greece is to seek the help of specialists. Choose the right tour, prepare the necessary documents, pack your suitcases - and forth, towards a sunny holiday. Greek honeymoon trips do not have to be planned for the year. You can go to this magical land quickly and easily, even if the decision is spontaneous.

Wedding Holidays in Greece

Tour operators offer attractive options for a wedding vacation in Greece for any budget and number of travelers. Paired and group trips are available, allowing the newlyweds to celebrate such an event even with loved ones. Vouchers for two loving hearts take into account the desire of the young to be together, so their program pays a lot of attention to romance. The resorts offer special rooms, wedding surprises, excursions to knightly places and beautiful corners. Joint travel involves outdoor activities and long-lasting entertainment.

Which city in Greece to choose for travel

All Greece is permeated with light and love. You can not ignore the capital, which welcomes guests with the grandeur of ancient architecture and the level of modern service. On the island of Santorini is concentrated all the romance that the newlyweds are able to imagine. The atmosphere of homeliness and reliability reigns in the bay of St. Paul, therefore the strongest marriages are created there. And Crete has long become a legend of relaxation. Any city in Greece will be successful for a honeymoon, so if you want you should visit all possible places.


Amazingly beautiful Greek island with a mysterious legend about its origin. It is believed that earlier this land was a particle of Atlantis. A honeymoon in places with an exciting story will appeal to inquisitive newlyweds. The mystery of the island's origin is complemented by majestic temples, amazing beaches, amazing cleanliness of the Aegean Sea and unsurpassed cuisine.

Honeymoon in Santorini

The color of sand is surprising, which varies from pale pink to black. The reason is the volcanic origin of the area, which forms the surrounding landscape. Be sure to visit one of the days of the Greek honeymoon trip of Ayyu Mina, the island's symbolic church. In Santorini, many artists found their muse, who are attracted by ancient architecture and picturesque surroundings. Brush masters will gladly capture your journey on the canvas, creating a picture-reminder of a warm wedding vacation.


This is a great place for young people who love club holidays. Greek Mykonos is considered a vibrant pearl of European nightlife. After entertaining excursions in the cozy streets, visiting the local Venice of Alefkandra, daytime sunbathing and swimming, the time comes for incendiary dances. Being on a honeymoon on Mykonos, the newlyweds will feel in the center of the world, since there are a lot of representatives of different nationalities on the island.

Honeymoon to the Greek island of Mykonos

Pelicans feel like kings on the Greek beaches of Minokos. These majestic birds walk freely along the sea line, curiously watching the vacationers. Taking a picture with them is a minimum honeymoon program, pelicans just love to pose. Beautiful photos from the rest after the wedding are obtained against the background of the narrow streets of the old city, which warmly welcome vacationers with bright colors, classical architecture, Greek cosiness.


A honeymoon at the birthplace of an ancient god is a very good idea. The legendary history of Rhodes fascinates adventurers and admirers of antiquity. It combines historical values ​​and modern culture. Rhodes has access to two seas, so in one trip you can swim in the Aegean and Mediterranean.

Rhodes Honeymoon

For a wedding vacation, be sure to visit the legendary Greek Acropolis, towering on a hill near Lindos. Do not forget about the harbor where the 6th wonder of the world once stood - the legendary Colossus of Rhodes. Become guests of the Butterfly Valley, experience the rides at the giant hydropark, have fun in the party community of Faliraki - get the most out of your honeymoon.


The capital of Greece will delight the newlyweds with amazing Greek architecture. Medieval buildings here are adjacent to ancient temples, creating a magnificent ensemble. The city pleases with an incredible number of museums, temples, ancient public buildings. Be sure to take a funicular ride so that the album of your honeymoon is replenished with wonderful panoramic pictures of Athens. As souvenirs you can bring antique works of art, as there are many shops with antiquities.

Wedding Holidays in Athens


A visit to the Peloponnese is an ideal journey for fans of a quiet, light, culturally-filled vacation. This part of the Balkan Peninsula is not a giant resort, so there is a feeling of true Greece. Between hotels there is a lot of free space, large beaches rainbow meet each guest, Greek fish restaurants right by the sea are attractive for a delicious dinner.

Holidays for newlyweds in the Peloponnese

Having visited the Peloponnese during their honeymoon, the newlyweds will find out where the Spartans lived when the oldest theater with unreal acoustics was created, where the Olympic Games came from, how the oldest civilization was formed. Between informative trips to historical places, the Mediterranean Sea will affectionately wrap the young gentle waves.


The island of Crete offers newlyweds a striking example of modern wedding holidays. Here, holidaymakers expect increased comfort, exemplary service, vibrant Greek entertainment, fun customs. In the afternoon, you can impressively relax on the gorgeous sandy beaches of Greece, and in the evening go dancing in the local tavern. Beating plates with Greek sirtaki is an unshakable tradition that locals and visitors love. After a noisy party, go indulge in romantic tenderness that will shade the amazingly beautiful sunset.

Honeymoon to Crete

The main attractions of Greece

During a honeymoon, you should visit at least a few of the main Greek attractions. Among them stand out:

  • Acropolis in Lindos, a city that is ready to boast of a knight’s castle in front of the young, the ruins of an ancient Christian church;
  • The Acropolis of Athens, surprising in its scale, cosmic power and divine energy, must definitely replenish the photo album of the honeymoon;
  • Mount Olympus, which sheltered the ancient gods and gave the world the concept of true beauty;
  • Golden Zeus is an unreal statue in Olympia, mesmerizing with the power of the main ancient god and is a well-deserved wonder of the world. Not a single trip to Greece is complete without a visit to this place;
  • the theater of Dionysus, which is the very first witness to the productions of the tragedies of ancient writers;
  • Mandraki harbor, legend has it that is considered the location of the Colossus of Rhodes;
  • Meteors - Greek monasteries on top of impregnable cliffs;
  • Hephaestus Temple, an example of ancient Greek architecture.

The approximate cost of a honeymoon

Every young family will be able to spend their honeymoon in Greece to their taste and wallet size. The price of the simplest couple rest after the wedding will be 600 EUR, if you stay on a modest version of the settlement and restrict yourself to basic excursions and services. In addition, you will need to spend money on tickets and visa fees, since visa processing and flights are not included in the vouchers.

If you choose exclusive Greek travel, cruises or saturate your trip with trips, original entertainments, visits to museums and historical sites, dinners in restaurants, you will have to pay an amount of 1200 EUR or more for two. The duration of the wedding holiday is significantly reflected in the budget, consider this point when planning a trip.

Video: Traveling to Corfu

By watching the video below, you will see how gorgeous a wedding vacation in Greece can be. Young people on the island of Corfu enjoy the bright blue sea water, exciting boat trips, snow-white beaches, pretty landscapes. After the wedding, it’s nice to relax in the arms of your beloved half, to lie on a sun lounger, to indulge, to dream. A honeymoon on a romantic Corfu gives all the delights of an exotic honeymoon and a magical experience, giving the newlyweds a chance to enjoy each other and get enough of the positive energy of Greece.