Umbrella with flowers and greenery for a wedding photo shoot


For several centuries, umbrellas are famous as an element of wedding decor. A correctly selected or well-made umbrella can create a wonderful atmosphere for wedding photography or surprise guests in the interior design of the banquet hall. An umbrella is a simple and effective way to decorate a wedding.

Decorate the umbrella with fresh flowers - and you will get vivid photos that few can boast of. In addition, various styles of umbrellas and a wide selection of colors allows you to achieve incredible combinations that will suit the style of any celebration, especially for a themed wedding. Wedding portal offers a master class on manufacturing an umbrella with fresh flowers.

Accessory for photo shoot - umbrella with roses
Wedding umbrella with flowers and leaves.

Materials and tools:

  • umbrella;
  • flowers, leaves, branches (special from a florist shop or collected in the garden);
  • glue in the gun;
  • other decorative details (for example, bows, ribbons or lace);
  • wire.

Materials for making an umbrella with flowers

Detailed instructions:

Open the umbrella and place it face down on the floor. This is your work area. Plug the glue gun into an outlet close to the umbrella. Be careful - the tip is hot.

White umbrella for a wedding accessory

First of all, pick up willow branches with unusual bends. This will create the shape and depth of the future drawing. Attach one branch to the middle of the umbrella and determine which part of the branch you want to trim. Leave 10-15 centimeters to protrude beyond the edge of the umbrella so that there is room for correction.

Choose the length of the branches for the umbrella
The branches should be longer than the umbrella

Take out the gun with glue and squeeze a large enough drop of glue on the umbrella, in the middle. Immediately squeeze the branch and hold for a minute. Do not worry if excess glue is noticeable. It can be covered with greens and flowers..

Glue the branch to the umbrella

Continue to fasten the branches. Spread them in different directions.

Decorate the umbrella with branches

The creative part. Wrap branches with flowers and leaves, giving the accessory the necessary shape and creating interesting panels. If you worry that the greenery may fall out, attach it to the branches with a thin wire.

Weave greens in the branches
Decorate the umbrella with flowers

Accessory umbrella with fresh flowers and leaves is ready!

Ready umbrella with flowers and greenery

Application options

Umbrellas decorated with fresh flowers and plants look surprisingly gentle and romantic at a wedding, the site is sure. They will add charm to the bride, revitalize the photo shoot and make the holiday more elevated. Depending on the decor and size, such umbrellas can be used to design a banquet, exit registration or as an accessory for tables.

Armed with patience, you can cover the entire surface of the umbrella with flowers (however, it is better to make such an accessory in the morning before the wedding so that the flowers do not wilt). Peacock feathers, satin bows, lace, sewing, fringe, etc. are suitable as decorative elements. So, you will get original umbrellas in different styles.

Hat shaped umbrella
Peacock Feather Bride Umbrella
Wedding umbrella decorated with embroidery and lace
Bride with flower umbrella

Umbrellas with fresh flowers and greenery will romantically decorate the wedding and give the bride charm. This is an amazingly feminine and stylish accessory. Feel like a fairy princess!