Crepe paper background for wedding photo shoot.


Preparation for wedding photography is no less ambitious and responsible than general preparation for an important day. You need to find a professional photographer, choose a place for photography, make or purchase accessories, etc. Properly selected background plays an important role in creating an interesting and harmonious image. Why not prepare a vibrant backdrop yourself?

The wedding portal offers a master class in making crepe paper screens. The accessory will delight the budget and make wedding photos more fun and cheerful. Background preparation is simple, but it requires endurance and patience. The work is quite monotonous, but the photos will turn out bright and positive..

Newlyweds on the background of bright garlands
Colorful crepe paper garlands

Materials and tools:

  • paper screen (sheets A1 can be glued onto a chipboard board);
  • multi-colored crepe paper (2-3 colors);
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors.

Detailed instructions:

Cut crepe paper with diamonds, circles, or other shapes. One detail should be 5-6 centimeters (if less - the background will be too «pockmarked»; if more - the product will look messy). Try to keep the details the same.

Cut crepe paper parts

Start sticking the details onto the screen. Get started from the bottom of the sheet. Apply a strip of glue to the sheet. Apply crepe paper parts to the adhesive. Once the first row is completed, proceed to sticking the second in the same way. Make sure that each top row 1 cm covers the bottom. Stick parts evenly.

Stick paper row by row

When you get to the top of the screen, cut a long strip of paper and stick it as the top border of the screen. So, the background will be completed and more accurate.

Make a border for the screen

Accessory for photo shoot is ready!

Application options

A neatly made background of bright crepe paper is a great accessory for a wedding photo shoot. If you plan to arrange a color wedding, then such a screen will become an additional decoration of the celebration. The site advises making funny inscriptions and accessories on sticks (mustache, lips, beard, etc.) in addition to a bright screen. Then the shooting will be surprisingly fun.

Arrange a separate photo zone at the banquet, marking it with a colorful background. Guests will love to pose in front of the lens and get memorable not only staged shots from the registry office, but also positive photos from the fiery holiday. A colorful background for photographing will help to arrange weddings in the cold season, when nature does not please with flowers or landscapes. An alternative use of crepe paper background is to design a buffet or candybar.

Colorful crepe paper background
Bright garlands in the design of the wedding
Wedding photo session
Bright background in a wedding decor
Background of crepe paper for a wedding photo shoot

Bright crepe paper background - great emphasis on the wedding and a positive accessory for the photo shoot. Have fun, smile and create joyful photos!