Hire of wedding dresses: instruction for use


Not every lady is able to buy an expensive and luxurious wedding dress and then take care of its storage all her life today. Therefore, an alternative to a purchased wedding dress is a rented wedding outfit. A very profitable, I must say, enterprise, because many salons offer not only rental of wedding dresses, but also suits for grooms, as well as accessories for wedding dresses.

Hiring a wedding dress is easy. For those who rent something for the first time, we offer instructions for use.

Step 1.

Decide. Hire of wedding dresses is suitable for not sentimental persons who are not inclined to store things for a long time. And also for those who are forced today to think about saving a wedding budget.

Step 2.

A help desk, Internet resources, advice from friends - this is where and to whom you can turn for an address. Salons that offer wedding dress rental can also be located close to your home. Ask friends to give recommendations - perhaps this way you can choose the most worthy of the various options.

Step 3.

Hiring wedding dresses is a good saving. However, get ready for some restrictions. Probably far from the first time you will be able to choose your style and size. So it will take time. When luck smiled at you, do not forget to ask if the dress is free on the day you need.?

Step 4.

Discuss the package included in the wedding dress rental service: is it possible to rent wedding accessories, how and what should be paid for. Hire of wedding dresses today pleases with its thoughtfulness. Many salons have shoe stores offering immediately to pick up the right wedding shoes to along. Not to mention the full outfit of the bride: starting with a veil, jewelry and ending with a garter.

The only thing you have to spend money on is underwear.

Step 5.

Read the contract carefully. It must stipulate all conditions and guarantees that your bride’s dress will be clean and you can get it a few days before the wedding. Pay attention to those points where the costs associated with compensation for damage (in case of damage, pollution, etc.) of the dress are prescribed. Ask questions!

Step 6.

Pay the rent. Depending on the conditions under which the rental of wedding dresses works, you may be required to pay both the entire amount of the deposit, and part of it. Keep the received receipt and contract until you return the dress to the owners.

Tips & Warnings

Some wedding salons for renting wedding dresses include the cost of dry-cleaning dresses in the contract, while others ask to pay this amount separately. Therefore, before you sign something, take an interest in these nuances. Also stipulate in advance whether it is possible (and under what conditions) to make changes to the outfit: hem the length, close the waist, etc. Some salons allow you to perform these manipulations with the bride’s outfit for a fee, and some offer the services of their seamstresses..