Your strong happy marriage


We bring to your attention a test developed by British experts that will help you to objectively look at your understanding of marriage, to evaluate its reliability and durability. All you need is to take your partner, and both pass the test.

The answers to the questions below are scores from 1 to 5:

1 - completely agree / agree;
2 - agree / agree;
3 - I find it difficult to answer;
4 - disagree / disagree;
5 - completely disagree / disagree.

So let's get started:


  • I believe that this relationship will meet all my hopes and expectations;
  • We spend a lot of time together and a lot apart;
  • He (s) always tries to understand my opinion, even at the moment when he (s) disagree / disagree with me;
  • The promises that I will make during the marriage mean a lot to me;
  • Our interests and views on life often coincide;
  • Our relatives and friends believe that we are suitable for each other;
  • There is nothing in it that I would like to change;
  • I am convinced that in these relationships I will not step on the same rake as before.
  • The birth of children, for us a resolved issue;
  • When we are together, I always with warm feelings think about him (s);
  • Our relatives do not rush us with the decision to marry;
  • I am satisfied with our intimate relationships;
  • For him / her, our relationship is often most important;
  • My current relationship is better than any previous;
  • I am convinced that for my beloved person I am also valuable;
  • I don't care how he / she handles his finances..
  • I like the way he (s) prove to me his love;
  • I am not afraid to unite my destiny with this person;
  • I fully trust him / her.
  • We always wisely overcome disputes and disagreements;
  • I will always be faithful to him / her;
  • There is nothing in our relationship that could entail the destruction of our future marriage;
  • We always share our feelings and feelings with each other, and we can do this without any constraint;
  • We always correctly plan our time to combine work and personal life;
  • Together we will pass all life tests.

    To summarize:

    Your small number of points indicates your high level of compatibility, willingness to marry and accept all family obligations.

    It should be noted that if you set high scores on questions 4, 15, 19, you both need to pay attention to these areas. Compare also your answers to the test, if in some answers there are significant differences in scores, also pay attention to these areas.

    You scored from 25 to 60 points:

    Your decision to marry is a deliberate one, both of you are positively inclined to start a family. Your high expectations lay a good foundation. A well-thought-out future will allow you to avoid many problems and difficulties.

    You scored from 61 to 85 points:

    There is some uncertainty in your relationship. In particular, you need to pay special attention to those points where you have big differences in scores. Try to jointly understand the difficulties and problems that are hidden in these areas of your relationship.

    You scored from 86 to 125 points:

    There are many disagreements in your relationship and many aspects that you are not happy with. Both of you should reconsider your attitude to each other, correct deficiencies, find common ground in mutual understanding..