Song of the guests on the motif of the song of the crocodile Gena

There will be joy and happiness,
There will be troubles, adversities,
And years fly by,
We will always remember
Beardless groom
And the bride is so young.

If a quarrel over a couple
Undercooked cutlets,
Stop thinking about cutlets,
Eat vinaigrette.

That love is not fun,
Of course you know.
Let your love be easy,
About diapers and nipples
It does not bother to think:
It has been so for centuries.


Both girls and boys,
Like flowers in a big garden,
Too bad their birth
Only once a year.

May they come to you today
Sincere people
And the keys to the apartment will be handed!
And your superiors
Immediately raise the salary
And they will not grumble unnecessarily.


We end our song,
So run fast to the registry office,
And we are all together today
We will drink for you!