Winter Makeup Options


Golden glow

The golden gamut of shades, as never before, is suitable for the bride's winter make-up. This makeup is suitable for blondes and dark-haired girls, it looks spectacular and, at the same time, elegant, recalling the classics and taking into account modern trends.

  • When choosing a foundation, consider the color of your skin. Too pale skin can be revived by applying the foundation of a golden hue. But do not overdo it, as in wedding photos white skin always looks good.
  • We’ll tint with beige shadows throughout the eyelids - this is the basis on which the make-up will stay steady.
  • We apply bronze shadows, but in a small amount, along the eyelid we apply powder with a platinum shade.
  • Using black eyeliner, carefully draw arrows.
  • Bring the lower eyelid with dark shades of gray, highlight the outer corner of the eye with the same color.
  • Stick a few artificial cilia to create a wavy look..
  • Apply black mascara.
  • Powder your whole face. Choose a golden powder.
  • Vanilla shades of blush are the best match for this makeup.
  • On lips - transparent silver gloss.

Shining makeup is ready!

Beauty from the 70s

If you have beautiful big eyes, then this makeup is especially suitable for you.

But, in this version, the main thing is to highlight one thing: either eyes or lips. By highlighting the eyes, we create a haze effect. They will look especially mysterious in artificial light. Highlighting the lips - use a fairly bright lipstick. This will give the image a passionate character..

  • Use a reflective base.
  • On the cheekbones, eyes, lips, apply a little shine.
  • Shadows - plum, golden, brown. It is easy to create a smoky look using shadows – pencil, carefully shading them with a brush.
  • Dark shades need to be applied to the inner corner of the eye and blend with great care. This will create an open look..
  • We paint eyelashes with black mascara.
  • Lip contour in tone lipstick, blend.
  • In the center - a lighter tone of lipstick to create volume.
  • On the cheekbones a little blush in pink.

Romantic makeup

Perhaps this type of makeup is more suitable for brunettes, as it is done in pink colors.

  • Under the eyes we apply a lighter, masking foundation, so they will look brighter.
  • On the face - foundation, matched to skin color, on top - powder.
  • Shadows - a classic combination - pink with brown or purple with pink.
  • Adjust the shape of the eyebrows, lightly tint with a brown pencil.
  • Apply the arrows on the upper eyelid with light brown shadows, going beyond the eye to lengthen it, and a little on the lower eyelid.
  • Black or brown mascara on eyelashes.
  • Lip contour is not appropriate here. Instead of lipstick - pink shine.