What do the signs of the wedding date

Wedding scheduled winter - For unforeseen expenses.

  • Good appoint wedding on Shrove Tuesday. People say: "Life - like clockwork ..."
  • On the wedding day it is snowing - to prosperity and happiness.
  • Wedding in December - love is stronger every year.
  • Wedding in January - to early widowhood.
  • Wedding in February - Okay to life and harmony.

Wedding assigned spring - In front of gay life, a strong love.

  • Rain on the wedding day - a happy and prosperous life.
  • Wedding March - far away from home to live life.
  • Wedding in April - to catch the happiness of the "tail".
  • Wedding in May - promayatsya life, to change the house.
  • Before the wedding, the groom kiss three times, that would not sign the wedding come true.

summer wedding - To warm caring relationships in the family.

  • Married on a holiday of Ivan Kupala - a comfortable life, "swim in abundance."
  • On the Apple Spas - saved from ruin.
  • The June wedding - the whole of life as a honeymoon.
  • The July wedding - life as a berry, sweet-sour.
  • August wedding - love and friendship for many years.

Wedding in autumn - A reliable, strong marriage.

  • September brak- to a calm and peaceful family life.
  • Oktyabrsky marriage - difficulties in life.
  • The November marriage - to prosperity and happiness in the family.

Days of the week and the number of traditional folk superstitions, too, hadimportant when choosing a wedding date. So, Wednesday and Friday were considered unfavorable for the wedding day and the wedding on the day of the week is not appointed.

  • 13th number is not who is not married, avoiding future trouble.
  • 3,5,7,9 - these odd numbers considered lucky, he was given special preference in the appointment of the wedding day.
  • To secure and happy marriage is the wedding, scheduled for 7 or 12 number.
  • The birth of a boy foreshadowed wedding, scheduled for an even number of months.
  • The birth of a girl - on the odd.

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