Wedding ceremonies and signs for a happy marriage

From many formalities depending happyFuture newlyweds lives, including on compliance and take wedding customs. For example, there are many beliefs associated with a wedding dress girl. One of them concerns the fact that if the bride dress has buttons, then the number must be even

Many signs and wedding traditions indicatethat the wedding the bride and groom must invite an odd number of guests. Then life will be newlyweds a long and happy. And to their new family road was soft, and shlos life easier, the way the bride and groom in registry office littered with beautiful carpets.

There is one interesting custom which isin that after the wedding ceremony the bride gives people all the detail, then marriage newlyweds will always be money and wealth is not the family failure. newlyweds often showered with grain. This custom also exists to ensure that in the newly-fledged family was always plenty. Another young couple showered with sweets that their life was sweet and carefree. The same life can be achieved if the bride and groom before the registry office to eat two chocolate so that no one saw. Among the wedding customs and take a common, when the newlyweds glasses put coins. After the wedding, the coins must be kept under the tablecloth in their homes. Then the family will also be a constant cash welfare.

There are also many omens and customs associatednewlyweds with their parents. For example, wedding bridal mother dresses should be, rather than in separate suits to life in children was flat and smooth. But before the wedding feast, but after the wedding ceremony young luck should look in the mirror together. By tradition, the first glass after wedding ceremony young divided into happiness. There is also a belief that in order to avoid unnecessary newlyweds family quarrels, the wedding can not be present sets of knives and forks.

There is a tradition, which adheres toabsolutely every wedding in our time. This is when the bride and groom's parents met them near the registry office and brings a young tart. The bride and groom in turn have to bite on a piece of the pie, while not touching hands. Who will be able to bite off a piece of a larger, he will be head of the family. For the bride and groom at the wedding feast can not be eaten with one cutlery.

Many believe in omens, that you can not give anyonemeasure the engagement ring and wedding dress and veil, because the girl, trying on any of the above, can take away your happiness.

In any case, do not be alarmed if onesome custom wedding signs and you accidentally miss, because the most important thing to achieve happiness in marriage - it is to be married to your loved ones and to those who love you man.

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