Wedding omens and superstitions

Signs for the bride and groom

Remembering my youth, every girl canboast that at least once wondered narrowed. We all strive to learn about what lies ahead, and every girl, long before the wedding and meeting a favorite variety of methods and techniques, tries to run the tape forward life. Many people are looking for different signs of the wedding for the bride and beliefs, carefully watching over their execution. Even now, sometimes just for fun, the girls on the eve of Christmas and wondering in the midsummer night.

Divination by the groom, there are a wide variety: Shoe thrown outside the gates, dragged logs, looking for rings in the rump, getting out of the hole stones, wreaths were allowed in the water, put a comb under the pillow, and much, much more. In whatever form is not held divination, their whole point was only one - marriage.

Signs for the bride and groom have their origins with thethe dawn of time, when people are cautiously watched by almost everything. But do not zatsiklevatsya in mind, because the creators of destiny, and your family happiness are just you.

Time is changing, people are changing attitude towardsigns and legends are also changing. Many wedding signs are forgotten, lost in time, but the "holy place is never empty", so there are new signs for the bride and groom.

Signs for the bride and groom a variety associated with a variety of situations, ranging from:

  • the groom who loves cats will affectionate husband;
  • the groom who loves dogs will be faithful and transmitted;
  • groom, bride acquainting with friends, going to trust her in many ways;
  • the groom who loves chocolate is sweet to kiss;
  • groom, who had not slept the night - a headache in the morning;
  • groom is late for a date, dinner with late husband;
  • bride, afraid of being tickled to be jealous wife;
  • bride loves expensive cars - the imminent ruin.

Concluding the omens for the bride and groom associated with specific actions:

  • choice of wedding date (day, month, year, time):
    - A happy marriage is played by 3, 5, 7, 9 numbers, unhappy - 13;
    - A match made in the second half of the day would be the best;
    - Unfavorable days for the marriage are considered to Wednesday and Friday;
    - So as not to suffer a lifetime, not to marry in May;
  • selection of wedding dresses and dresses:
    - Wedding dress you need to sew or buy, you can not take someone else's whole life is in debt;
    - Wedding dress can not show the bride to the house there was no quarrel over trifles;
    - No part of wedding accessories and wardrobe (dress, veil, rings, etc.) should not be given to anyone for a fitting to be a quarrel in the family;
  • the choice of wedding rings:
    - To select the ring should be together, but pays the groom, then there will be harmony in the family;
    - Wedding rings should always be white or yellow gold;
    - It is believed that the ring should be smooth, without chipping, patterns, notches, to the lives of young was smooth;
    - If you prefer the rings with stones, choose the appropriate stones (amethyst - sincerity, carnelian - happiness, agate - longevity, garnet and topaz - true);
    - Does not in any case impossible to drop wedding ceremony ring for emergency separation.

There are also many omens and superstitions for the bride and groom during, and after the wedding ceremony:

  • one who will be first on the wedding rushnyk, he will be the master of the house;
  • the bride should be the first step on the carpet for a signature, the husband has to step on the foot, then the husband will listen to you all my life;
  • one of the young hands-free bite of wedding loaf biggest piece, and he will be the head of the family.

Wedding will take for the bride and groom are countless, believe in them or not - you decide. But there is one very important sign, which should fulfill each - to marry for love.

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