Wedding signs and superstitions: for the groom, bride, relatives

Unable to find a reasonable scientific explanationin any event the person was trying to somehow systematize the accumulated experience, to predict the future, thereby facilitating their lives. So it was invented wedding omens and superstitions.

Signs for the bride and groom.

  • Old shoes on a bride - to success.
  • Bride sneezes in the morning of the wedding day - have a happy family life.
  • The bride should not be allowed to become her friends in front of him in the mirror - beat off the groom. The groom also should not let friends get ahead of ourselves.
  • On the threshold of the registrar fiance I tripped - not sure about the choice of allegiance.
  • Stumbled bride - the same thing - not sure that doing the right thing.
  • During the ceremony, the bride itching palm: the left - to prosperity, the right - to the hospitality and fun.
  • At the wedding a lot of relatives - money and lavish gifts.
  • Gifts of money - a honeymoon trip to the honeymoon.

A few not very good wedding will and superstitions.

  • Before the house of the bride groom set foot in a puddle - a drunkard live.
  • The ringing of bells heard on the way to marriage for - unfortunately.
  • The bride and groom look at each other during the wedding - to change, love will pass quickly.
  • Bride wedding dress broke - in-law will be bad.
  • From the bride wedding loaf plucked longer than the bride - to be hungry.
  • Among the guests there are many unmarried friends - the bride can choose another.
  • Between the newlyweds ran cat - to abuse in the family.
  • At the wedding, the bride fall decoration - a bad sign.
  • Bride pricked her finger - will quarrel.
  • During the feast the bride will throw something - my husband is a drunkard.
  • We invited a lot of guests - a hassle.
  • Do not invite all their relatives - to abuse.

Wedding signs and superstitions for the groom.

  • Make a haircut, styling, shave - to surprise the bride.
  • Do not spare money for the bride price - a rapid redemption.
  • Many drink at the wedding - to lose power.
  • Many are at the wedding - not a quiet night.

Forgotten wedding omens and superstitions.

  • What would family life was successful, the bride wore: something new, something old, something taken from her friends, something blue.
  • On the day of the wedding the young should not meet before the ceremony.
  • Before the feast bride and groom three times bypass around the table.
  • While young people are not married, nor between them becomes, does not pass, it does not get better clothes.
  • Friends and relatives of the couple surrounded by a tight circle and protect from evil spirits.
  • When the wedding who was holding the candle above, that and will be in the saddle.
  • My parents did not go to the registrar.
  • Ring bride dressed to the base of the finger, which would bind the groom.
  • Dress wedding dress through the legs - a bad sign.
  • Walk to the painting - a bad sign.
  • Cry before the wedding - to a happy life.
  • Do not wear rings for the wedding, but the wedding ring.
  • Pick up the bride from the house, the groom can not look back.
  • Wedding afternoon - fortunately luck.

Stela wedding bed young matchmaker or othertrustee, these were in the old wedding omens and superstitions. In the bed lay a egg, boiled or souvenir - there will be many children. Egg three nights pulled his wife and crumbled chicken, or (souvenir) hiding among his things and gifts. Chicken - a symbol of fertility and an indispensable food for the wedding honeymoon.

  • Wedding in January - to early widowhood.
  • Wedding in February - in the family way.
  • In March - the new place to live.
  • In April - and the hardships and joys await
  • Wedding in May - to suffer in marriage.
  • A wedding in June - a strong love for life.
  • In July - regret the error.
  • In August - devotion to the consent of the house.
  • Wedding in September - a quiet family life.
  • Wedding in October - hardly produce happiness.
  • In November - a luxurious life.
  • In December - long love.

Neither any wedding omens and superstitions will not prevent you to be happy, if there is love!

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