Wedding national signs - all that would not miss the happiness

Not only on the wedding folk omens drawn attention, assigning wedding day. In Russia there were periods in the year when, venturing wedding was not accepted. First of all, during the post:

  • great,
  • Petrova,
  • Assumption,
  • Christmas.

From 7 until January 20 - the birth of Christ until the Epiphany.

On the eve of other religious holidays:

  • On Carnival.
  • September 11 - the cut-off day, the head of John the Baptist.
  • 27 September - Exaltation of the Cross.
  • May 13 - the day of St. Apostle Jacob. Matchmaking on this day was considered a mockery. June 11 - the day of Martyr Theodosia of Tyre and St. John blessed.
  • July 16 - the day of the martyr Hyacinthus, St. Philip, Metropolitan of Moscow.
  • February 29 - the day the Rev. Cassian the Roman.

There are other forbidden date which can be found in the church, as well as days of the week, numbers.

Compliance with some wedding folk will, promised the couple a comfortable and joyful life.

  • Do not allow to measure the engagement ring.
  • What would life was rich in the right shoe puts a coin.
  • According to the signs, the young need to be fixed on the clothes pin, head down - from the evil eye, but that she would not be visible.
  • The bride's wedding dress should be: something taken from her friends, something wearing on her skirt to do two stitches in an inconspicuous spot, shoes must be closed.
  • The bride should cry eve - for luck.
  • Before the ceremony, the bride's mother sends heirloom - a kind of amulet, which is then stored. This tradition can initiate it at your wedding.
  • Before the wedding the bride should not look at myself in the mirror in full vestments, can be viewed without any costume elements: gloves, veil.
  • As the national sign wedding, bouquet,who gave the bride, you can not let go. If necessary, you can be trusted to hold his fiance or mother, but not her friends. Release bouquet of hand - to miss the happiness
  • As soon as the bride will go to the registrar, the mother need to symbolically wash the floors. It was believed that it would be easier for a young wife to enter into a new home, a family.
  • Leaving home, heading to a wedding or to the registrar, the bride should shut themselves a veil, from the evil eye. Open it only at the place of registration, the rite.
  • After the young exchanged rings, or anyone of them can take the empty plates, the box that held the ring. You can trust this is not married, unmarried friends.
  • According to wedding folk signs, parents should follow, no matter what one of the guests is not corrected on the newlyweds clothes.
  • No one in this day should not come between the bride and groom.
  • What would life had been a long, wedding candles couple must blow at the same time.
  • After the wedding, look in the mirror together - a united and happy life.
  • When leaving the church, registry office suite showered rice, other grains, coins, petals, that life was rich.
  • The road to the wedding should not betoo straight, made to go through a complex, ornate way that would confuse the evil spirits. For the same purpose tuples decorated with bells on old wedding national signs.
  • Driving up to the place of further celebrations, you need the horn loudly, to scare off evil spirits.
  • Dancing the day the couple should be together only. And only parents have the right to a few dances, after which the sum Suite again together - connect.
  • Cut the wedding cake young must work together: Bride - cuts, the groom - supports a knife. The groom puts a piece of cake on a plate with a pattern of the bride, the bride - the groom and then the guests. This wedding symbolizes the national sign of mutual support and care.
  • By the time the bride will throw a bouquet need to prepare in advance, to order a similar one bouquet. It was his and the bride throws, and his own, given the groom, takes with him into the bedroom.
  • The tradition of removing veils: selected girl and a boy, and who will play the role of the bride and groom. She wears a veil, and he decoration of flowers - Boutonniere.
  • There is another opinion about that wedding folk omens: the veil and boutonniere should be kept as a relic.
  • Bed newlyweds married a relative of preparing, putting a pillow so that the touching sections pillowcases.

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