Twenty will take before the wedding

good wedding signs before the holiday.

  • Newlyweds all heartily willing and easy foldable life.
  • The bride and groom are going to the registrar separately, on different vehicles that would be the last time to think about their choices.
  • Wedding rings are lucky bride - the bride "maiden memory".
  • The cat ran across the road - move a detour. The length of the road - funny wedding.
  • For the groom's car with a bell - a cheerful holiday, for the bride - to not boring life.
  • On the way to the wedding scared a flock of pigeons - a cheerful concerns.
  • Come to the registrar ahead of time - a long married life.
  • Rain during the wedding - to a wealth of new family.
  • Copper coin in a shoe - fortunately.

Bad omens before the wedding.

  • Bride loses her shoe on the way to the registrar - a troublesome family life and bustle.
  • On wedding car on the way to the registrar burst ball, he had fallen doll - the upcoming surprises, surprises.
  • To move along the path to the registrar over the bridge - thorny road.
  • We took a handkerchief - crying bride.
  • fell wedding ring during the ceremony - to divorce.
  • The car had a flat tire on the road - family life went wrong.

Defining and predicting.

  • The first to step on the mat during the wedding will be in the saddle in the house.
  • Look how young holding hands, a hand is on top, he will be the master of the family.
  • The bride wider ring - the bride will not kosoplechim.
  • What would be stronger she loved her husband - the groom a ring finger to wear foundation is necessary.
  • Guests and relatives, do not go the way the young, who came from the registrar - to discord in the family.

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