Signs of the new parents-in-law and father in law, mother-in and test

Beliefs and wedding marks its originsgo into the deep hoary antiquity. Many of them are based on years of experience and observations on the wisdom of the ancestors. In those days, they are themselves a kind of mystical, sensitive information. Now they are mostly national dignity Slavic folklore.

We believe we are, or do not believe in omens, they seem to usstupid or frivolous, but one way or another each of us once in my life, I had to deal with them. Wedding - this event, filled with wedding traditions and customs, which also is not without signs. Everything related to the wedding and the preparations for it, is closely linked to omens and superstitions.

With their help you will be able to choose the right day,month, time of year for a wedding, choose a dress, buy the rings, and even spend their wedding night. Advise how to keep your happy union for many years, instruct how to build a strong and good relationship with the new parents (mother-in-law, mother-and father-in).

On them, we discuss in more detail:

  • The parents of children newly calling by name, pet names - a good strong relationship in the future.
  • Listen carefully to the toast of all parents - to respect.
  • To get along with in-law - to the mind and enterprise.
  • That the husband was fed and satisfied, ask her mother-in recipes specialties.
  • Knowing the style of communication husband parents, you can influence her husband.
  • Knowledge of important dates in the life of their parents - to kindness, trust and easy relationship with them.
  • Indulging weaknesses in-law, you will quickly make friends with him.
  • Mother-in-law loves to sing, easy to talk to.
  • Parents talking to toast for heirs - loving and ready to provide support.
  • Salt scattered while presenting bread and salt, will lead to strife between the daughter and mother.
  • Daughter-in-law gave birth to a girl for not having a daughter is in her esteem and affection.
  • Parents, giving significant gifts - to prosperity and prosperity.
  • Good sign of friendly life - daughter-in-law has faced unexpectedly.
  • Mother-in-law who have looked at-law over his right shoulder, will get along with him. A left shoulder - mother-in-law much to drink, or with grumpy disposition.
  • Parents, greeting the children with bread and salt - to prosperity in the new family.
  • To a mother-in-law had a good relationship should be with her whip.
  • If one of the mothers to cry at the wedding, the new family will live happily ever after.
  • Going into the credibility of the in-law, you will be able to learn more about the habits of her husband.
  • Parents, revelers at the wedding of their children - to an understanding.
  • The first toast to her father - to the well-being of the family, the first toast to the mother in law - for calm.

Wedding will of the parents-in-law, mother in law,teschah, tests there are more than a dozen. The people also There is a belief that young parents should not accompany them in any registry office, or during the wedding ceremony in the church. It is believed that many years ago the children brought to the temple godparents, just now it godparents must be close to them. The task of parents of young families - to bless the couple a long and happy life, and to welcome them to the threshold of the house after the wedding ceremony.

Whatever signs and beliefs were not, not on thezatsiklevatsya them, because you have the right to decide for themselves when to play the wedding, in what dress and what rings to go down the aisle. Happy married life, love, and strong relationships, all this is in your hands. A good relationship with the parents is also your overall merit and not a matter of chance or signs.

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