Signs and wedding rings at your wedding

Will take about engagement rings, there are many. Some sources say that the tradition of exchanging wedding rings originated in ancient Rome, the other that of ancient Greece. But does it matter? The undeniable fact remains that ring as an indispensable attribute of a wedding there in these days, let alone take on the wedding rings over the centuries gathered huge set. In which of them to believe - to judge by the newlyweds, we are about the signs of the wedding rings just tell.

The rings are executed in the classic for weddingstyle, they must be of the same metal, smooth, without stones or engraving. According to the signs - and then the newlyweds life will be smooth, without a single pebble in their path.

Golden Rings - clear favorites amongwedding rings, but this is not a postulate - if both newlyweds prefer silver or other metal (eg, platinum), no one and nothing can stop them to seal their love is such rings. Although there is a more interesting option - Titanium wedding rings.

Do you belong to each other, making onewhole, and rings, which you fasten your love belongs to you. Wedding rings keep loving couple from the ills of life, stress, disease, envy. That is why, according to the signs of the wedding rings, they are usually worn without removing. Wedding rings are not made to measure to give someone else that, together with a ring not to lose their marital happiness and love someone.

There are some "taboo" in the signs of the wedding rings:

  • In no case can not be used wedding rings made from sawn or melted down, even if it is a ring of your parents;
  • married widow's ring and can not be;
  • if the family is divorce, do not wear wedding rings as a simple decoration.

If the spouse is widowed, the ringIt should be maintained, but it should be worn on the left arm. It is like the sun will warm you on the path of life and remain blessed memory of bygone days.

If this is your second marriage, then ringfrom his first marriage to be removed, it is a straight road in the velvet box and home archive, use a ring again in a wedding ceremony or share children or grandchildren anymore.

According to the signs of the wedding ring, ring pulls and, hence, the probability of recurrence of your way of life of children ...

Perhaps that is why it is believed that ifring you inherited from parents or grandparents (assuming that they have reported at least silver wedding), the more such rings will protect your happiness when you start a family. Of particular value are the rings that have got young from golden jubilee. The more happy and lived a long life together your grandparents, the more positive energy carry their rings.

Bad omen is considered drop weddingring. If this did happen, the witness should be to thread through the ring, which, according to accept, collect all the bad omens. The sign of engagement rings says that this thread be sure to burn after the wedding, to burn with it all the troubles and sorrows, and to do so must be the one who dropped the ring.

It is also considered bad luck losing the ring: it portends health problems, and even a complete break with your other half. Remember, rings joined you in one piece, and you lost the ring - half of the whole.

All signs, whether the signs of the weddingrings, or other wedding accessories, built on symbols. Unity rings symbolizes you as a whole. Therefore, any kind of losses during the wedding bode no good. Try not to drop during a wedding or bridal crown, no candles, no ring - better prepare for it by tradition dishes - and even then it hit the heart!

Some believe that the rings must buybride and groom and myself. However, once you have decided to spend their lives together, to link their fate, then do it with your favorite. Together, you can make the best choice, try on rings, feel them. And because it will not only be your first major joint purchase, but also the foundation of your marriage. It is these rings that you choose a favorite, will connect the two of you for a lifetime.

It originates and is another sign ofEngagement rings: the ring you have to buy in one place and in one day - this is a good foundation for a happy married life. Buying a ring, think about the good that rings symbolized the only good looking, faithful family.

Get possessive and greedy, even for a whilePreparations for the wedding: let us not measure anything from wedding accessories or sisters or girlfriends - do not let anyone or anything gets between you before the wedding.

If your outfit is complemented gloves, you must firstremove them, and only then put on the ring. Engagement ring finger decorating your other half is not just an accessory - it is a sign of your heartfelt love, take care of it.

Keep up wedding wedding rings together, can even fill them with water and freeze, bind them and their marriage.

Be happy, dear brides and grooms, and let the signs are merely signs, most importantly, to love and respect each other.

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