Signs and superstition associated with wedding dresses

Wedding - extremely significant event,marking the transition of the bride and groom in a completely different social status. That is why the culture of any nation on this holiday involves a lot of will and superstitions. The lion's share of these will associated with a wedding dress. After all, the ancient man's clothing was not only a means of protection from the vagaries of the weather - it performed and symbolically sacred function, served as a talisman and reflecting the situation in the society. So the traditions and signs on a wedding dress - one of the oldest and most important, transmitted from generation to generation. Omit them - so neglected experiences for centuries.

Before you go to a beauty salon orshop of wedding dresses, you need to read hex "My angel, crown of gold, cut net veil. Not a month, not for a year, how much servant (name) lives. Amen. Amen. Amen," and get out of the apartment (house) backwards.

Choosing your wedding dress and trying on hisfront of the mirror, do not forget about the very old will receive: the bride before the wedding can not be completely to try the wedding dress, the wedding will not take place otherwise. Ancient explained it this way: once the girl was wearing a wedding dress, it is believed that she was married, and looking at yourself in the mirror, it cemented its status. Real groom in her life, the place no longer exists. To avoid this situation, do not put one of the gloves, remove the veil, or to measure wedding dress barefoot.

We define a shaped wedding dress,eliminate too deep neckline and shoulders bared. Firstly, this dress will be uncomfortable elementary, and yet at his own wedding want to feel as comfortable as possible. Secondly, opening up, albeit not completely, the chest, the bride leaves her unprotected before the evil eye zavistnits, which on many weddings. Hex is a very delicate part of the body is fraught with an inexplicable lack of breast milk after the race. Why take the risk when it comes to such important matters as birth and feeding the child?

The most auspicious day to buywedding dress is considered medium but to shop for wedding shoes should be sent on Friday. By the way, please note: the signs recommend that wedding shoes were just shoes and not, for example, sandals. In addition, according to popular belief, bridal shoes without buckles - a guarantee of lung delivery in the future.

If after buying some wedding detailsattire - dress, shoes and veil - you got the change, it is better to clean out and make sure that for at least three months, it does not touch a stranger. The longer you will not spend the money, the better.

On the day of the wedding the young - as the groom andbride - it is recommended to pin to the wrong side of a wedding dress pin or attach a cross two small pieces of red ribbon. This will protect the couple from the evil eye and make married life happier. If it goes down the aisle you have three - the young, the young and their future child - bride should protect the stomach for a wedding dress or a wide red cloth belt. The nascent life is very fragile and sensitive to the envious glances.

Why is protection from the evil eye by usingRed? All folk cultures of this color - a symbol of life, so it is widely used in a variety of amulets. This circumstance is connected is another sign. The dress, which puts young wife the next day, must be at least partially (or better - in full) red: after the wedding night she could get pregnant. Dressed in red, woman protects not only the unborn child, but also the future of the species as a whole.

In order to protect the young family from the evil eye, it should beadvance purchase small icons of the Virgin Mary (the bride) and Jesus Christ (for the groom) or registered small icons. On the wedding day, you need to hide these icons in the outfits of young and leave there until the end of the wedding celebration.

Finally, the veil of the bride in any case besell, someone else or take to the pawnshop, because it is - the most reliable and powerful amulet is not only young, but also for their future children.

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