And you, would you believe it in omens?

Before the wedding, even the most stubborn and suspiciousare beginning to pay attention to all the known superstitions. "Who the hell knows?" ... "- Do you think -." Suddenly, and in fact, "The desire that the wedding would be held perfectly, forces us to answer" Yes "to the question" Should we believe in omens? "

Wedding signs, like everyone else, havelogical and reasonable origin. One has only to imagine how people lived a few centuries ago, and you will find a reasonable explanation and decide whether to believe in omens.

Leap year.

Prejudice against a leap yearIt formed completely in vain. Think back to when it was introduced and why. That's right, for the convenience of chronology. And that could spell bad this year. It is the same as everyone else. Only when it is the year in which for one day more, we carefully fix in the mind of all the troubles that occur penyaya that it leap.

The groom should not see the wedding dress before the wedding.

Should I believe in omens? Let's see why this is considered a bad sign. Earlier wedding dresses were part of the dowry of girls. They were richly decorated, as in the case of wealthy estates, the board there were also precious stones and gold embroidery. Fear of being robbed dashing people made prudently hide a wedding dress, not only from the groom. So believe in omens whether seriously after that? You can treat it as another reason to surprise the groom. The delight on his face will be well in harmony with your royal views.

Old shoes are not the bride - to success.

Very wise omen. She advises you to wear comfortable shoes for the wedding. You do not have to wear a really old enough for a few days before the wedding deliver a new pair of shoes. Formally, it can be considered old. If you are in doubt about whether to believe in omens, did just that. Convenience and comfort will help to keep a good mood until the end of the evening and will give proof of loyalty of this superstition.

Straight style wedding dress - not a long marriage.

It was considered at a time when the bride is obliged toI had to be chaste, and view the ankle from under the dress invalid length caused a storm of gossip and tar on the gate. Of course, after such family life could end quickly or groom become a laughingstock. Now, unless the wedding in the church, may make you choose a low-key dress or cover "delicious place" cape. Should I believe in signs, if it lost its meaning?

You may not measure engagement ring.

And it is right. It gave you a token of love. And friends, knowing this, should not encroach upon the thing that is intimate for you. But to convey the beloved and good fortune through the ring is not real. To believe in signs there? Better, perhaps, to believe that would be a denial of fitting your wedding ring sounded convincing.

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