The role of the witness at the wedding: pleasant chores

Wedding - a bright and colorful action, the success of which will depend on whom you set your witness.

So, the witness at the wedding, who is she?

  • The role of the witness at the wedding of bestsuit your relative or close friend. The better she will know you and your habits, the more it will help you in the important day - the day of your wedding.
  • We witness at the wedding welcome such qualities as self-discipline and responsibility. After all, it will help you prepare for the wedding, to do everything and not forget anything.
  • It must necessarily have a sense of humor, to be energetic "ringleader" and soul of the company. Communication with her in this case is laid back and fun.
  • Well, if it's a creative person. Then, bored at a wedding you do not have. Especially this advice is relevant for weddings, which will not be toastmaster. In this case, the witness and the witness will be responsible for organizing the wedding of competitions, games and lotteries.

The main duties of the witness at the wedding.

  • To help the bride in choosing the dress and accessories to it.
  • Prepare the bride price scenario for the wedding contests.
  • On the wedding day to help the bride to put on a wedding dress.
  • Check that no documents and rings have been forgotten.
  • Check for cameras and camcorders.
  • Meet the bride and carry out the rite of bride price.
  • On the walk to take the witness the organization of champagne and sandwiches.
  • Make sure that the guests at the wedding were planted in its place.
  • Take the decision of some organizational issues during the wedding.
  • Be cheerful, open, attentive.

As you probably noticed, the role of the witness atthe wedding is very responsible and multifaceted. But it is a pleasant duty, which is that, to make preparations for the wedding and the wedding itself joyful and memorable for the bride and groom.

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