The main participants of the wedding and their responsibilities

Wedding bride care.

Apart from the fact that the bride receivesdirectly involved in the discussion of the wedding date, its main concern is the choice of wedding dress. Not rarely a pleasant experience and it can get nervous. Therefore, the responsibility of the bride enters the attraction assistants - girlfriends who will be around to help her, and during the festival and show attention to the guests.

Beauty bride - another item to which itshould pay close attention. Of course, it always seems that neither of which can not happen and you're full of energy. But, as if there was no joy in the soul, it is still a wedding - a small stress. To help your body to maintain health: eat right, watch your weight, do not catch a cold, take vitamins - a direct duty of the bride.

Third, what to look out for -relationship with the groom. If the bride will be entirely absorbed by the preparations for the wedding, the groom may seem that his pozabrosili and that no one takes into account his wishes and feelings. After all, men are harder to tolerate stress conditions. The duty of the bride - to attend to his beloved, to give it a bit of time involved in the preparation and constantly reminded about their feelings. Learn to care for each other now!

Participation of the groom in the wedding preparations.

The duties of the bridegroom comes, first of all,look at all 100. Suit and all accessories should be picked up and ready in time. In just a few weeks, it can be cut, and the day before, to put in order the hands - a manicure. Do not be indifferent to the choice of the menu, decorating the hall, wedding cortege of cars, etc. Active participation in the preparation of wedding shows the ability of the future husband's family to take care of and solve problems.

Direct obligation of the groom - buying weddingrings. If the size of the ring for the bride to determine exactly what the groom can make a purchase without it. But most young still together and looked after choosing a ring and wedding dresses and accessories. Well organized and held a wedding can be a pleasant result of active work of the groom and the object of his pride for years to come.

Bustle mother and father of the bride.

Preparation and organization of a celebratory banquet -duty of the mother and father of the bride. With sufficient life experience and wisdom, they will make sure that his daughter would be a wedding was successful and memorable. The bride's father while taking care of the distribution of material costs, organization of meetings with the groom's parents to discuss current issues. Mother of the bride plays a major role in the approval of the guest list, menu choice. She is helping her daughter to buy a wedding dress and take care of the fact that her daughter was and felt the most beautiful bride. Responsibilities mother and father of the bride - to look decent, do not forget about yourself in the pre-wedding bustle. Therefore, to the choice of attire for herself and her husband, mother of the bride should be approached with the utmost care. After all, the bride's parents must leave a good first impression on new relatives invited to the wedding.

If you decided to hold a celebration in the house of the bride -to be masters of the holiday Mother's duties and the bride's father. They must, in this case, take care of the accommodation of guests during a party, and just for the night, if the non-resident guests. When you organize the event parents should take into account all the wishes of the couple and the wedding to remember, first of all a feast for the bride and groom, and then for them!

Prenuptial duties of mother and father of the groom.

Concerns about the upcoming life newlyweds come inActing mother and father of the groom. If the banquet organization are engaged in the bride's parents, then rent a banquet hall, a car and split the other troubles, can the groom's parents.

They help her son to choose a wedding dresspick up its accessories, to buy gifts for the bride. If necessary, the role of the best man, the groom's parents can keep an eye on someone of his relatives. Often they become the groom's uncle, his mother's side.

Witnesses at the wedding will have to work hard.

The duties of the witnesses is not only a formal presence at the ceremony, but also help in organizing the festival.

Duties of witnesses - to be an assistantBride. It can take the trouble of sending invitations, to help choose the wedding dress and the bride accessories to organize a bachelorette party, consider a scenario rite bride price and hold it with the help of machines and hall decoration.

On the day of the wedding the witness comes inhome to the bride in advance and helps her put on a wedding dress. When the groom comes to take away the bride, holding redemption ceremony. Throughout the celebration bridesmaid is next to the bride, helping it and actively participating in the carrying out of competitions and games. Attire should correspond to witness the bride's dress and not in any way be white.

Duties of witnesses is much broader. He not only participates in organizational and commercial issues for rent, cars, rendering of services - photo and video shooting, toastmaster at a wedding, catering, but also prepares bachelor script and supports the groom as a friend. The witness must be able to skillfully negotiate with the rite of redemption. It is he who must always be fully prepared and have everything you need at your fingertips: alcohol, candy, money, etc., that would be up to the feast treats enough for all comers.

During the banquet witness duties are reduced to help the bride and Tamada, maintaining the overall enthusiasm and participation in the search for a bride, if she "stole".

Thus, the witness and the witness should be fun, witty and considerate friends of a young couple, and then the wedding will leave only good memories!

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