How much and who pays for the wedding

To avoid disputes and conflicts on thematter, it is appropriate to allocate expenditure in accordance with long-established traditions. As elsewhere, in Europe financial help in organizing the wedding of their children have parents. Although lately lovers tend to organize their own wedding, using bank loans. Yet, most of the families consider it their duty to organize their children gorgeous wedding, and sometimes, to decide who pays for the wedding, without their participation. And that's fine. On what would have to spend each of the families?

Bride waiting for expenditure on:

  • A wedding ring for the bride.
  • A gift for the wedding the groom.
  • Gifts for Parents of the groom
  • If the parents are out of town, the bride pays for a room at the hotel to see nih.Kak, spending is not too great.

    Stronger financial costs assumes the bridegroom:

  • Rings for the bride. One day engagement, the other - the wedding.
  • Gifts for the bride.
  • Shipping wedding ceremony, the fee for registration of marriage in the registry office
  • Book a room at the hotel where the wedding night will be held.
  • Flowers for wedding decoration
  • Wedding bridal bouquet and bouquets for the bridesmaids.
  • Boutonnieres itself, the witness and other men.
  • A romantic trip after the wedding.The bride's parents - that's who pays for the wedding of the most, so decided:

  • The Wedding Banquet.
  • Wedding Dress daughter and accessories.
  • Dower.
  • Order and send out invitations.
  • Orders the boarding cards, napkins.
  • Pay for services photo and video.
  • Toastmaster services, catering, flower salons, adorn the room, designers.
  • If the bridesmaids will be dressed in the same dress, the bride's family pays for their outfits and dress the girls carrying plume, rings, flowers.
  • The costs of transport and parking space is also borne by the person who pays for the wedding.The groom's family carries a minimum cost:

  • To buy a wedding suit groom.
  • Wedding gift for newlyweds.
  • Pre-wedding dinner.
  • Sometimes, help groom paying a wedding tour.The witness and the witness, too, often assume some of the costs:

  • For purchase orders.
  • Gifts for the newlyweds.
  • Wedding puteshestvie.Ne accept this distribution expenses unconditionally. Consider the financial capacity of each and then decide who pays for the wedding, "the lion's share."

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