Errors guests need to know those who are invited to the wedding?

For the guests invited to the wedding, there are rulesetiquette, which they definitely need to read before the holiday. Firstly, at the wedding of their behavior is limited by certain bounds of decency, and, secondly, the guests need to know what to say and how to do in a given situation. So, site provides you the five most ridiculous offers errors. Our tips will help you out and to protect against such embarrassing situations in the wedding day.

Guests at a wedding party

"If invited as a guest to the wedding, it is only in the second half ..."

Some people think so. However, having received an invitation or hearing him in person, pay attention to what you told the couple. If you want to see a young man or woman, it will be stated in the invitation to the wedding. Of course, married people are almost always invited along, but people without a stamp in the passport can be all different. Especially if your mate newlyweds did not know. This means that we should not be offended when your young person is not invited. Think in a slightly different perspective: perhaps he, too, would be uncomfortable in the company of strangers.

However, it should be noted that such cases - a rarity, as most couples are invited. Therefore, these points need to specify in advance.

"Stylized wedding? Anyway, I go in the dress, which like only me, even if it is not appropriate to the theme of the celebration ... "

The second important thing - your appearance. To begin with a few words on a stylized wedding. If the bride and groom decided to organize a wedding in a certain style or color scheme, and they are confident that guests must comply with this, you should not run counter to the established rules. Remember, this is their day, and today they are heroes of the occasion, which means you need to do as they want.

Stylized wedding guests

As for not stylized weddings hereeverything is easier. Ask where will be celebrated the triumph and whether it will be official. Depending on this, you can wear a cocktail or evening dress, tuxedo or a formal suit. It depends on the circumstances.

"It is better to come later, because the event usually does not start on time ..."

In no case do not be late, especiallyintentionally. This is allowed only in extreme cases. Be punctual. However, it is not necessary to come much earlier, because all will only be prepared. However, come right on time or a little earlier - the perfect solution and value of your education. Suddenly newlyweds need help? Or, at this time as the time will pass general wedding photography? In addition, having come earlier, you can meet with those whom you do not know.

"Oh, it's the bride's relatives? I'm still with them personally not familiar ... "

Sometimes guests think that it makes no sense to get acquainted withrelatives of the groom or the bride. But exactly how razznakomyatsya and understand each other all the guests depends celebration atmosphere. When he sat down at the table, you realize that you do not know anyone, introduce yourself and please specify the name of the neighbors. Do not wait until it's asked you. Be the initiator of new friends!

Relatives of the newlyweds at the wedding

Also, do not ignore the wedding contests,Entertainment and leading questions - be an active participant in the celebration. Wedding - it is a holiday, so you need to have fun. Of course, around the need to know when to stop, but to you, first of all, a wedding, not a meeting at work.

Wedding - a celebration and fun

"I'll go in English ..."

If at the end of the evening you can see that the couplebusy and you need to leave a little early, do not be afraid to approach him and say goodbye. Portal believes that this can be done quickly without any extra hugs and kisses. And you can just go to their parents and say goodbye to them at the same time thanking them for a wonderful evening.

Following these simple rules of etiquette, guests have a good time at the wedding, and his behavior will conform to all norms educated man.

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