Duties of witnesses at the wedding

If you are invited to be a witness orwitness, keep in mind that from now you automatically become the right hand of the groom or the bride. This is due to the fact that on the day of the wedding and the bride and groom are almost unconscious, and you are responsible for ensuring that everything was top notch.

It is not correct to think that the responsibilitya witness at the wedding of a part of its presence at the registry office and at the solemn part of the event in a cafe or restaurant. witness Responsibilities do not end with a red ribbon and posturing for the cameras along with the bride and groom. In fact, from the moment you agreed to be a witness, a few moments in the organization of the wedding and will fall on your shoulders. So do not be irresponsible approach to their work.

In our time, the witnesses are not necessarilybe present in the registry office, but still, most honeymooners prefer to invite them. On the role of the witness usually they choose an unmarried friend or relative of the groom, and on the role of a witness - an unmarried bridesmaids. Witnesses help newlyweds laying on their shoulders some responsibilities when organizing a wedding, as well as accompany the newlyweds to the end of the wedding ceremony.

The duties of the witnesses is to helpnewlyweds in the selection of wedding dresses, accompanying them in specialized shops and salons. Perhaps the witness duties at the wedding will include some questions about the preparation of any part of the wedding event. For example, book a hotel room or order flowers for the wedding. Most likely, these requests will be small, since the amount wedding menu or choose the toastmaster will, most likely, the couple themselves.

On the eve of the wedding witnesses organize futurespouses celebration in honor of the last day of the "free" life. As you may have guessed, we are talking about the hen and stag parties. The duties include compiling witness a cultural program for these activities, as well as responsible for soft drinks and refreshments.

On the day of the wedding witnesses the first to appear inHoneymoon homes to help meet both externally and internally, to rejoice together and weep. Witnesses must see to it that the bride and groom are not forgotten in this exciting day for them everything you need: a handkerchief, comb, etc.

In the traditional rite of redemption witnesses are the main parties after the bride and groom, of course.

At the banquet they sit next to the newlyweds. The duties of a witness at the wedding certainly includes the utterance of an original toast, and even more, so we must be prepared in advance.

The mission of the witnesses is completed only with the departure of the last guest to the banquet of the wedding celebration.

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