Duties of witnesses

Marriage is not only a grand event inlife of the bride and groom. This event also requires great responsibility from friends and relatives, and, of course, the witnesses in the preparation and carrying out of weddings. The duties of a witness is to help mainly the groom in the pre-wedding bustle. By tradition, the witness must be unmarried young friend or relative of the groom, corresponding to the same requirements as a friend. It is desirable to have the presence of a witness organizational skills, as well as a sense of humor and the ability to quickly orient themselves in an emergency situation.

Duties of witnesses begins with the help of the groomin the preparation of a bachelor. This table is for the bride, and the witness should make an interesting scenario his friend farewell to his bachelor life. In the case where the bachelor party is held on the eve of the wedding, the groom's witness must protect and, if possible, itself from a large number of alcoholic beverages.

On the day of the wedding the witness should comehome to the groom, to assist in the final preparations and conduct other home to the bride prepare for redemption. To do this, you should have both small and big money (can be in foreign currency), champagne, wine, vodka, candy. The groom should have any information about the size of the bride's shoes, or date of birth of Tiffany as questions from the witness is likely to be elementary, and you will be ashamed, if the groom does not respond to them, because you could not prepare it. To advance to achieve the witness location, buy for her a bouquet of flowers.

On the way to the registrar is a witness to the bridegroom inone machine, which is headed by the entire wedding procession. The ceremony was witness to the right of the bride. Registration of marriage, he assures his signature. In the hall of champagne witness must ensure that each of the guests had enough champagne glasses. Do not be amiss to grab a few bottles for exploring the city. After the registry office or the witness is going in the same car with the witness, and the newlyweds, or on a separate machine with the witness.

In the official part of the wedding activitiesresponsibilities included leading the witness help in the organization of competitions and dancing. A witness has the right to remain vigilant throughout the wedding, as someone from the guests can find an opportunity to steal the bride. Witness the groom will have to find and redeem the lost bride together.

The first witness will be able to breathe freely justas witness (you can also read about the duties of witnesses at the wedding), after leaving a wedding last man. The next morning, if the wedding is designed and on the second day, the groom's friend again begin to witness duties.

A witness from the witness are anothercouple, attracting the attention of visitors. The couple, as well as the couple should look spectacular. At first glance, not quite right, when witnesses for the first time they see each other at the wedding, but on the other side of the wedding can be a kind of experiment. After the wedding, everything happens for the first time, and a festive atmosphere to the smooth course of events.

So, dear witness, and patience, try not to get the attention of visitors and expose young - and your mission will be executed flawlessly!

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