Distribute effort! Responsibilities at the wedding

Having no experience in organizing weddings, it is not easyorient, which features over take those or other participants. This entails lining and a waste. As an option, from which you can make a start, consider the following division of responsibilities at the wedding ...

The groom's family takes care of renting the restaurant,banquet hall, cafe, cafeteria, etc., buys products for the preparation of dishes wedding, the groom's father and his friends provide alcohol celebration. Approximate list of the duties of the groom's family is as follows:

  • order services and registration of necessary documents, contracts,
  • selection and rental banquet hall, its decoration for the holiday,
  • rent required for a wedding cortege of cars,
  • Order services of photographer and videographer,
  • purchase wedding rings and gifts,
  • Toastmaster services and search order for weddings musical accompaniment,
  • fireworks,
  • purchase of alcohol and products.

What should make the bride's family:

  • think about the menu,
  • organize and monitor the preparation of these dishes,
  • organize a feast with the serving and decoration of the table, the next serving dishes,
  • provide necessary cutlery, chosen in the general style of celebration.

Responsibilities at the wedding the bride's family lookmuch easier, but the precise rules on this matter and there is no division into "male" and "female" duties expired. Families like the groom and the bride can adjust their duties at a wedding in accordance with the possibilities.

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