Weddings peoples of the world

Every wedding, to the continent, it was not carried out in what, impregnated marriage customs, Signs, rituals and traditions. Some of them may seem to us ridiculous and absurd, sometimes they are quite shocking, hard, and even harmful, but somehow they do exist, and in some countries to this day, are practiced.

So how, are the national wedding on the continents of the planet Earth?

Nigeria. According to African tradition, the groom shouldpass through a corridor armed with sticks relatives, which continually strive, to beat the guy. The future mother-in-law and father-in-need as much as possible to hit the groom. Passing such a test, the candidate-law thus demonstrates its willingness to take on the duty of the head of the family, and go through all the bumps in life.

South Africa. In addition to the tradition of beating suitors, therealso custom according to which the bride-black woman needs to hear a lion's roar of her lover. Even held annual competitions for the best growl that somewhat resembles a fair suitors. It is believed that the one who will be able to best growled, is the strongest and most courageous.

Yemen. On the day of the wedding the groom, you must endureabuse by relatives and guests. Throughout the day, the groom kick, pluck, beat, push. In this way families are trying to tame the proud spirit of the groom.

Macedonia. It made the young on their wedding nightshut in the cellar, strewn with pine needles. The problem of young win a hat or boots. When my wife manages to win a cap, married life will be happy for her, and if the boots, it will keep her husband under the heel.

Greece. The bride on the wedding day should be with all his strength to step on the foot groom. If he does not have time to get out, then life will be under a female heel.

National weddings are held in these countriestraditions and customs, which prove and show endurance, flexible, gentleness and wit of the future spouse. And of course, what national wedding held without assessing potential future wife.

The main criterion at all times was consideredBride beauty. As you know the beauty requires sacrifice, dedication and many go on these victims. In particular, the Chinese women bandage feet Africans rasp teeth pulled neck rings, European women wear themselves numerous diets.

But not all cultures find beautiful leather-covered skeleton.

Sahara. Here, a 12 years old girl beginning tofatten. That fullness in these areas is considered the standard of beauty, which is a 100% guarantee of a successful marriage. The fullness of the bride also shows that the family in which she grew up, is rich and has a high position in society.

National wedding in Samoa suggest thatthe wedding night the newlyweds should be held in the parent's hut filled with relatives, where in addition sleeps and livestock. Night of love must pass in complete silence, so that young people no one woke up. If it happened, it shall enter into force tradition, practiced in Nigeria, the groom was beaten with sticks. But many suitors that does not stop, so on the eve before the wedding, the young man daubed themselves from head to toe palm oil, which makes it easier to endure the beatings.

Tibet. Bride is measured by the number of cervicalrings that gave previous lovers. The more rings, the bride of nobler. African bride on leg impose leather bracelets that as well as the neck ring is the number of lovers. They are the same and depends on the level of the solemnity of the wedding.

Based on the above we can conclude that in many nations and cultures, sexual experience of the bride is to be welcomed.

Malaya. Here reigns full matriarchy. After the wedding, the bride has the right to send her husband back to her mother, and to invite him only when necessary to perform the conjugal duty. If the faithful would be outraged and will give a divorce, his property will remain his wife.

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