Wedding loaf or How to determine the head of a young family

Nowadays, we often forget about the manytraditions and take that accompanied the wedding ceremony in the old days. Now they are replaced by more familiar ceremonies for us. For example, instead of a wedding cake a beautiful loaf.

However, in the very tradition of wedding loaf endow young, has great meaning!

Wedding ceremony prepodnosheniya loaf is very beautiful and festive. The ritual consists of several parts:

  • Meeting the bride and groom, the groom's parents take out a loaf on a beautiful towel, embroidered patterns, and congratulate the young.
  • Taking a loaf, be sure to thank the young parents for their care and love.
  • Then the bride and groom bite off a piece of the wedding a loaf. There is a sign: who took a big bite, he will be mainly in the house.
  • Caravans are treated to all the guests present. But note that it should be cut rebenok.Soglasites, this ceremony was very solemn. A toastmaster for this moment can prepare a beautiful festive speech.

    But observe the ritual prepodnosheniya loaf is stillNot all. The main thing is to make your wedding a loaf was prepared in compliance with all the rituals and take. This process involves not only the bride and groom, but also relatives on both sides. And the ritual is a shade of mystery.

    • It is important to knead the dough necessarilya married woman who is already eating several children. Thus, it will give a piece of his young family happiness and prosperity. Before cooking she should cover her head with a handkerchief, wash and wear a crucifix.
    • The oven wedding loaf puts a married man.
    • The whole process of cooking loaf accompany prayer "Our Father" and "Hail Mary."
    • According to take, the more get a loaf, thehappier and richer life will be young. So before trying to bake a very large loaf. And the loaves to the prince or royal weddings had to carry on a beautifully decorated with special stretcher.

    And do not forget that the twig viburnum, decorate your loaf, will bring you the love and happiness!

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