Traditional wedding cake

It is hard to imagine without such a wedding feastan important attribute as a wedding cake! In his memoirs, each couple will always be a time when they are already husband and wife, it is cut along the magnificent splendor and treat guests and each other.

Roman "cake"

The tradition to cut the wedding cake takes itsthe beginning of the Roman Empire. It is difficult to imagine, but it is already more than 5000 years! At that time, however, were not relevant cakes and wedding bread, barley or wheat. The groom had a holiday break bread over the bride's head, and then give the guests a piece, as if inviting to share their happiness. Crumbs of bread left on the head of the bride, the groom had to gather and eat together with his chosen. Custom this symbolized the wife obedience to her husband. A similar custom was in Scotland, but there was bread, oatmeal. At the bride's head friend put a napkin, and was put on top of a basket of bread. Too heavy to compare it with today's works of culinary art, as in the form it was only a thin tortilla. Although, of course, more important was the fact that it symbolized, and not the external or interior decoration.

Wedding loaves in ancient Russia

In our land was the prototype of wedding cakesWedding loaf. Here the approach to the event was more serious, because even for the preparation of a loaf involved several people. The dough is kneaded only married woman, a man made pastries, meats trusted to make the child well, handing out pieces of the guests could only matchmaker. All this action takes place under special chants, who performed "karavaynitsy". Newlyweds should have been the first to touch the Karavai faces and cry, do this it was necessary to the sacred marriage ritual. By tradition, the loaf was adorned with ornaments and Kalina.

The first wedding cake

In the Middle Ages in England in the wedding traditions are notused cakes and loaves. The young were laid in a small pile of buns. To the future family life was happy and many children, a young couple was kissing on the rolls. It was only in the 19th century was the beginning of a tradition as a wedding cake. Creator of this creation, made in the shape of the dome of the church, became a grocer named Bob Smith. Time passes, things change, and some just fantastic shapes not acquired modern wedding "bread." This custom caught on around the world, but nothing is eternal. Interestingly will look like a wedding cake a couple of hundred years?

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