This exciting rite of courtship ...

Modern matchmaking is difficult to call the wedding ceremony.

The tradition to hold the ritual of courtship is now almostcompletely lost. Simplified version of it now looks like this: the bride in advance with the agreement of the bride comes to her parents on the appointed day. Adopted present flowers mother of the bride and the bride herself and, perhaps, a cake on the table. As a rule, parents are already familiar with the applicant, and if that does not have against his candidacy, agree to the marriage. Official matchmaking can be considered accomplished.

It should be an acquaintance or announcement of its decision to the parents of the groom: on the appointed day, the future mother in law and father in law have hosted darling son. Mother of the groom future as adopted to present a bridal bouquet.

Parents lovers come together, meet and discuss organizational issues.

Everything is simple, while in the early days of courtship ritual was held by all the rules and had a great importance in the life of young people.

And in the old days like this ...

Courtship was conducted on Tuesday, Thursday orweekend, especially favorable for this number is 3, 5, 7 and 9. select the day for matchmaking, it was kept secret, as well as the route by which go to the house of the bride. The main participants of this ceremony were matchmakers and matchmakers. Matchmakers are selected from relatives or seek help from a matchmaker, whose task was to find a suitable bride, to gather information about her family, dowry, character, appearance, etc. Often, it is by matchmakers and matchmakers man and woman learned of the existence of each other and then we could meet in secret, and could be seen only at the wedding.

courtship ritual tradition says that thematchmakers will overcome the way from the gate to the girl's home, the sooner the parents give consent to the marriage. In the house, crossing on the way, the conversation began. All negotiations were standing, what would she quickly married, do not stay too long on the shelf.

Negotiations were completed and nothing more than the firsttimes. This does not mean that parents are against marriage, just at the time it was considered unseemly haste to give his daughter to consent to the first courtship. Matchmakers could send the second and third time, although the decision was clear immediately. According to the unwritten rules of courtship ritual, if parents just to keep up appearances, they can say what they want to consult with family and appointed day of the final response. If the parents did not like the applicant, they asked to come another time, referring to the young girl, or "rich enough dowry." In rough form to indicate the door matchmakers, the bride's father forced the exceptional circumstances personal motives. Then the two men, leaving the house, closed the door back on signs of courtship ritual, it was to prevent the girl to marry.

With a favorable turn of events, the secondmatchmaking is not uncommon drove the groom's parents themselves. At that meeting, have already indicated: the wedding day, future costs, the bride's dowry to her new family responsibilities, etc. Safely having come to an agreement on all issues, appointed by the bride and the bride's day to visit the groom's house inspection of its economy. Finishing up a meeting and banquet cheerful songs.


After a courtship ritual followed engagement -the announcement of his decision to marry. This tradition is still alive and still. Typically, the engagement occurs when young to apply for registration of marriage. For the same table, they announce their decision and perhaps relatives to discuss organizational issues weddings.

Previously, the engagement took place at the bride's home. Under any pretext for dinner invited relatives and friends. The bride's father said toast and announced the upcoming wedding. The bride, dressed in wedding dressAnd the groom in a suit were planted nearby. Sometimes, darilos ring with a stone. During the engagement, as well as in the ritual of courtship, the upcoming wedding discussed.

Now specify a future life together can beentering into a contract and to coincide with its ceremonial signing on the day of engagement. After that day, officially considered young bride and groom. Perhaps, this time, from the engagement to the wedding, is the most enjoyable and exciting in every human life!

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