Values ​​of wedding rituals and customs

Such simple and ordinary things at weddings aswedding veil, wedding ring, the first kiss became customary, but these wedding ceremonies, too, have their own history ... Behind them are some old, already forgotten the events that were bright enough to be a part of the wedding ceremony.

Wedding kiss. There are different versions about the origin of this ritual, one of which states that, together with breathing beloved share a piece of their soul.

bride Veil It is one of the most mysterious weddingtraditions. It is believed that this custom has come to us from the East and one version means submission of the bride, on the other - a symbol of freedom. An unmarried girl was hidden from head to toe veil and long, non-transparent dresses. It was only after the wedding ceremony, the bride appeared the privilege to remove the veil and contemplate the beauty of his bride! Hence the matter, the bride wears a veil (For more information on wedding veil) only one wedding.

Wedding ring, Is an integral part of the wedding, which represents the closure of eternity. It was believed that through the ring finger of his right hand are those veins that carry blood directly to the heart.

It is believed that the custom associated with the best man,It follows from another wedding ceremony, where he went honeymoon. When the groom kidnapped fiancee, his best friend restrained the angry relatives, while the pair "spouse" should not be covered. At the end of the "honeymoon" newly returned husband wife family, and in the process, to in any way mitigate the anger of his wife's father brought with him some valuable gift. Times have changed, but the "best friend", or the best man remained.

Wedding custom rice spreading under the feet of the newly-married couple has a prettyinteresting history: back in old England a long time ago was breaking wedding ceremony cakes and pies over the heads of the newlyweds as soon as they exit the church. However, due to the fact that the custom of leaving behind a lot of garbage, decided to simply sprinkle the bride and groom with rice, which flew the birds would peck him with water, which in turn would symbolize abundance.

Many people know about the wedding custom make the housebride in his arms. There are different versions about the origin of this ritual. One of them says that even in ancient times, when the first day of marriage the wife will stumble on the threshold of his house, it was considered a very bad omen, which would then bring a lot of misery. And in order to completely eliminate the possibility of such an unpleasant event, this custom wedding ceremony went. However, this is not the only version of the origin of this tradition. Once upon a time, during the Stone Age, caveman, which did not differ delicacy, grab his favorite female, and that she did not resist giving her a truncheon on the head. Well, as to drag on the floor limp body "wife" is far less convenient than carrying it on his shoulder - a ceremony associated with the transfer of the wife over the threshold of the web root in human genes.

I wish good luck as the wedding ceremony was manifested in different ways. Few people remember where we came to an old and almost forgotten wedding custom to put a coin into the groom's shoe that would symbolize a happy and rich future. It was believed that the presence of the bride's bouquet of rosemary and heather, bring her happiness in marriage.

The modern wedding ceremonies and wedding customslost its former importance, they became traditions that make a wedding full of romantic and mysterious mood. The main thing that is formed at the end of any wedding happy union of two SuiteWhich then become one.

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