The rite of courtship - this is the first wedding tradition

The ritual courtship - This is the first wedding tradition.

When the bride receives a positive response girlthe offer to become his wife, he comes into the family of his beloved, who appoints the time of arrival, and, meanwhile, morally prepare their parents. Before the arrival of the groom has to buy a bouquet of flowers for Mother's girl, the second - for the most beloved, and the gifts can be purely symbolic, for the parents of his chosen.

When you are in the house for the first time the bridegroom shall beheight to the parents about it formed a good impression. Since her father, she must submit to the parents of the bride and her parents their chosen one. The groom should appeal to parents to hand and heart of a girl talking about their sincere feelings and good intentions.

For the ceremony, courtship ritual Optionally, you can invite a matchmaker. Usually becomes matchmaker boys father, his older cousin, godfather or a good friend of his parents.

Then this is the case for their parents. They either take in a family of a young man, agreeing to the marriage (father of the bride thus should join hands young), or reject it.

The first visit to the groom's house the girl should not belong time. In the case of the consent of their parents' marriage, the bride, too, have to meet with the groom's parents, bought specifically for his mother a bouquet of flowers.

If the parents of young live very far away, and the groomthe bride can not come personally to meet with them, send photos of each other with a request for permission to marry. After discussing all the details of upcoming moments of life, and received the consent of the parents, the young the right to apply to the registrar (which is a civil marriage, you can find here).

Further, according to the custom of matchmaking, bride and groomorganize a meeting of their families. The meeting could take place as the home of the groom and the bride's home. The guy and the girl acquaint their relatives, since they represent to each other with their parents and arrange a feast. At this meeting, the family should discuss the different conditions and the organization of the wedding, for example, where the wedding will take place, who will take the responsibility for drawing up the menu and feast, who will take on the responsibility for finding photos and videographer, who will pay for that, as well as a very sensitive issue, where they will live after the wedding, the young, there is still solve a lot of not so important things.

Previously it was thought that all the worries associated withwedding celebration, is obliged to take the young family, but now the responsibility of the family can distribute each other somehow. Sometimes things are so young that they themselves, without any help, fully assume all the questions about the wedding and the cost of the celebration itself.

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