Rite of bride price in the traditions of the Russian people

Rite of bride price is included in the traditionalRussian wedding ceremony. Redemption of the bride was conducted in Russia with about XIII-XIV century. It is important to note that the various settlements this rite was performed in different ways: there were their wedding songs, their test for the groom. But at the same time, there has always been a certain sequence of events and permanent actors.

Traditionally, the bride price ceremony is held in the form of a festive performance, which is very carefully prepared.

Groom, best man and groomsmen were the so-called "wedding train".

Usually we carried out several redemptions.

The first redemption was at the entrance to the village orthe entrance to the house of the bride. Villagers partitioned off the road and demanded a ransom for the groom travel. Most often it pays off boyfriend of the groom. But sometimes you have to pay and the groom. Thus, for example, it was quite widespread test the heroic forces of the groom. It was conducted with the help of the logs, which blocked the road to the house of the bride. The groom had to saw the log, and while he did it, from all sides rushed jokes and ridicule. They criticized and his strength, and skill, and ability. But when the log was defeated, the groom offered water to wash, and luxuriously embroidered towel to wipe.

The second part wedding ceremony bride price was carried out in a future wife at home. Usually, when the bridegroom was coming to the house betrothed, he had to redeem and gates and doors that were blocked by the neighbors and relatives of the bride. Do not forget to bestow sweets kids who surrounded the house of the bride.

Also, bridegroom traditionally experienced mind. This test is a relative of the bride (often grandfather), who thinks of the groom different puzzles. When the groom could not answer, he was helped by friend and kind people, who had to repay the aid.

When the groom passed the test, he got into the house,We are waiting for him with new challenges. Firstly, it was necessary to bestow goodies bridesmaids. Secondly, it was necessary to look for, where it hides the bride, or choose their lovely brides from several offered to choose from. In the role of "other" brides could be offered neighbors, relatives, and even the old woman. So they had to carefully scrutinize each, noting growth, posture, shoes, and other signs.

After the test, the manner of redemption of the bride groominvited to the table where the bride was sitting. But the place beside her was already taken by a man. Come and pay him. Then we have invited guests to the table.

In the tradition of the modern wedding bride ransom rite came a few years ago. Now the responsibility for the preparation of redemption falls on the bride's girlfriends. It all depends on their imagination. They come up with wedding contests, Puzzles, make ritual scenario.

From the groom during the ceremony rather than waiting for a show of strength and intelligence as the ability to get out of difficult situations by using humor and jokes, resourcefulness and good mood.

Sometimes in our day rite of redemption bride carriedin the old Russian style, using poems and songs. But this ritual is rather difficult to prepare at least because to have to memorize a lot. And besides, the novelty is lost and, as a result, interest in the rite. Therefore, it may be advisable to carry out the rite of bride price in the playful form of contests, challenges and puzzles for the groom.

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