The rite of betrothal

The proclamation of the mutual consent of the twoLovers get married is called engagement. When the young get parental consent from both parties and shall submit an application to the registrar, usually necessary to arrange a solemn feast, at which they announced their engagement and approximate date of the wedding. Since then, the man and woman have the right to be awarded the title of the bride and groom.

The rite of betrothal - a beautiful custom, whichIt precedes the main event in your life. This day is usually solved a lot of important issues. For example, the family determined the composition and number of guests, the venue of the wedding, agree on possible financial support future newlyweds in the beginning of their joint marital life, etc. If desired, you can now enter into a marriage contract, which should be prepared for some time before the engagement, and to assure him solemnly signed in the presence of your guests.

Festive dinner or reception about engagementit is desirable to prescribe after you have submitted an application to the registrar. Following the engagement ceremony, the day you have to invite relatives and friends who would like to inform about the upcoming event. Absolutely you can confidently invite persons who initially can not be present at your wedding if they are among those whom you just pleased to see at a party, even on the engagement.

The rite of betrothal does not specify in whata place you can celebrate, so choose the most suitable option for you. You can mark the occasion at home, outdoors or in a restaurant. But, following this custom, the groom presents the bride necessarily ring, which is another confirmation of the fact that the bride accepted the offer to marry (of course, only if the bride accepts the gift). If a man presents girl ring at the same time making a proposal, it must either accept the gift in agreement to marry, or to return the ring if it refuses the offer. Not accepted in case of failure to take the ring from fiance.

The rite of betrothal was created in order to highlightyoung time on tests of confidence in each other and reliability. We can say, the young receive one common cause, that is, the wedding, as well as preparation for married life. Often at this time it manifests itself as a bride and groom. It turns out, as they understand each other, trust, how much they are willing to accept each other habits and shortcomings. The period of the engagement and the wedding will help future newlyweds get closer to each other, see each other already in other circumstances, mentally prepare for the adoption of a particular person has in his personal life. Also during this period is given to the bride and groom are well considered all again, because in the end it may happen that some of them are still not ready to lose freedom and take responsibility for a family.

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