How to meet the young?

After the official part of the wedding - painting,proceed to the traditional, informal part of the wedding feast. Honeymooners are greeted at the entrance to the restaurant. There have already exhibited a table covered with a festive tablecloth. On her put the towel on which are placed the traditional bread and salt. Sol is placed in the silver salt shaker. An old Russian proverb says. "When one only salt on the table - for better and for poverty wakes her accidentally - invite trouble when bread and salt together - to wealth and fertility Besides bread with the enemy salt will not pass and evil create not.. give. "

To meet the young mother of the groom preparesa large silver tray. On it put new wine glasses from which no one ever drank. Next put the red wine or champagne, which are the symbol of a sweet married life.

When everything is ready, suitable for the youngwaiting for their parents. Meanwhile, guests greeting the young, lined up on the right and left side of the road, thus forming something like a living corridor.

Behind the young one should not stand. At first, the couple baptized three times and bow parents. Then, if possible simultaneously, they break off from a small piece of bread, and it is lowered into the silver-bag. So, if the first wife of a broken loaf loaf at the wedding, it will overrule the house. If the husband - that he will rule in the house, and at the same time breaking off promises harmony and order in the married life. So says the legend.

After the young are fully "annoy"each other and define who will prevail in the family, mother of the groom takes the glasses filled with wine, speaking words of encouragement. Then, the young take the left hand a glass of "crosswise". It is important that the bride took himself a glass by the groom and bride, in turn, from the bride. This means that their fates are intertwined.

With the words "God Bless! In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen, "the young baptized right hand glasses. This must be done to ensure that somebody brought young wedding damage. There have been cases that the parents in the vanity did not have time to keep up with the observance of the rite and in sweet wine (and damage often is induced through ) bedevil, Port bride.

Sign of the Cross over the glasses needed toneutralize all the negative influences. After the danger of a bad influence prevented the young shift the glass in his right hand and makes one's throat, pouring the remaining contents of the glasses behind. So they are doing a double, the third as they break glasses with the words "Yes, fall under our feet all those who wish to cause between us enmity and hatred!" Then turns over his left shoulder and trample in the "sand" all the pieces. After the official meeting the young and of all the ceremonies, they are invited to the hall, where they pass through a predetermined shoe (probably for good luck). Following them in the room, guests are assembled, pre dine bread with salt.

The solemn, ceremonial part of the meetingHoneymoon is over. The celebration moved to the hall, where he was engaged in carrying out professional presenters on a specially prepared script. By the way speaking, this part of the celebrations for special attention, because the guests should be fun, and this is unlikely without a well-prepared program.

So, too, there are some subtleties in this part of the holiday:

- Without newlywed nobody sit at the table

- When leaving the young from the table, guests should follow after them

- Congratulations to the young in particular order: first the parents, then the next of kin, friends and guests.

- Throughout the holiday the young should notto part with each other, or someone from the guests steal the bride, for which he will have to pay a ransom. Although, in some traditions the bride ransom rite is an integral part of the holiday.

Thus there is a meeting of young and further celebration that ends late at night and lasts for several days.

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