Modern Traditional Wedding

Modern traditional wedding - this setperepletshihsya together customs and rituals of different times and peoples. Extremely few ethnic groups will be able to boast of cleanliness saved ritual, while others ceased to feel the boundary between their traditions and borrowed from other countries.

The most common custom when the bridehidden from prying eyes and groom. For example, the ancient Chinese were carrying the bride to the ceremony in a closed chair. The Romans used the veil. Modern bride wear a cape is very rare, and very chic wedding limousines come in, but still a tradition to hide the narrowing of her future husband before marriage and come to different machines remained.

Further - ring. It is a permanent attribute of the modern traditional engagement and wedding. In many countries, it is put on the same ring finger, as we do, but the left hand. According to some legends, this is where the heart is located nerve. At the ceremony, the engagement ring is a symbol of possession, but on the wedding ceremony - a symbol of unity and harmony. To unite the young, they hold hands, which then bind to a towel. For example, in Burma, the groom has to break through the barrier, made of fabric, as well as to pay a ransom to friends and relatives of the bride, and only after that he can reunite with his beloved.

At the end of the ceremony on the modern traditionalwedding glasses break with the aim to banish evil forces, and the ringing of bells notifies residents of a neighborhood to create a new family. In almost all countries meets the tradition of showering newlyweds money, candy or other small light objects. In ancient Rome, it was nuts, in Britain - flower petals. Rice and other miscellaneous grain - a symbol of fertility and prosperity in all cultures.

An important role was given to bridal shoes. They were mostly shoes and boots. Once the wishes of happiness they were thrown directly into the suite, but today it often is tied to the car newlyweds. If the father of the bride gives the groom shoes of his daughter, which means that it "shifts" the most responsible for the daughter-in-law on his shoulders. Much happiness for brides today, men do not knock shoes on their forehead as a sign of his shoe that he is the head of the family.

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